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A book recounting the true story and memories of a teenager who lived through the horrors of abuse within an adoptive family and an Italian mental hospital.This book sadly is in dire need of a really good editor and a translator that knew what they were doing In it s current state the story occasionally makes no sense and you could be amidst a loving conversation with her parents one moment and then suddenly find yourself in a screaming match the next.The dialogue itself is often very strange and given that some of these conversations were between her parents back when she was still a baby, you have to wonder where she got her information from and how much of those particular conversations are real I also struggled to feel they were genuine as her parents speak in this book with such flowery dramatic language that it was hard to believe I do understand this could be a cultural difference though.The language through this early period reads mostly like a teenager diary and as such you feel slightly uncomfortable reading it Later on when things get really bad, the dialogue consists of many obscenities and while their use in this situation makes a lot of sense, I was still unprepared for the sheer volume of them.The abuse that this author suffered are horrific, harder to imagine when you understand it was all at the hands of a very evil, jealous and bitter woman who also happens to be her aunt How this was allowed to happen without anyone stepping in to help this child is beyond belief Towards the end of this cruel period she is committed to a mental hospital and there begins a fresh round of hell.That she is still living today, working as a painter and author, and now has her own family is a small miracle to me She seems to have an enormous well of strength to draw from.This is a heartbreaking true story, unfortunately poorly edited and translated as it could have been a lot powerful, but still a page turner in its current form. Doloroso, intenso, forte, vero.Dal punto di vista dello stile di tutta evidenza che l autrice non una scrittrice Eppure forse questa la vera forza del libro Ci sono le ingenuit di scrittura di chi per la prima volta prova a mettere su carta quello che sente e si trova a farlo proprio con le sue sensazioni pi intime e segrete Nella parte iniziale, in cui racconta la propria infanzia, le figure dei genitori appaiono forse troppo idealizzate, poco realistiche, ma inevitabile che sia cos quando si perdono i genitori da piccoli Leggendo viene da chiedersi possibile che davvero Chamed abbia vissuto tutte queste ingiustizie In realt che i singoli episodi si siano svolti esattamente come lei li ricorda e li riporta abbastanza irrilevante L impressione che sia sincera, che cio questo sia il modo in cui si sono cristallizzati nella sua mente Poi, forse, il dolore ha ampliato e dilatato la meschinit altrui, ma credo si tratti di un procedimento mentale inevitabile Qui non si tratta di ricostruire nei dettagli la biografia di questa donna, ma seguirla nel viaggio emotivo devastante che ha percorso lungo tutta la prima parte della sua vita.La parte in cui descrive il suo internamento in manicomio una testimonianza estremamente significativa di cosa sono stati gli istituti di igiene mentale nel nostro paese prima della Legge Basaglia.Se cercate un romanzo scritto con misura e raffinata capacit di introspezione psicologica forse questo non il libro giusto.Questo un libro per chi ama le storie vere, forti, autentiche Ed un libro per chi vuole cercare di capire My Heart Stopped Beating is a true story on one women s journey through hell and back.Chamed de Silva was born to parents who adored her and until the day she was vaccinated for polio, life was blissful However, complications set in and Chamed actually contracts polio and is left paralyzed Her father is determined to see her walk and talk again and works with her every day Her mother believes she is a result of sin and believes that she will never be whole again After many years of therapy, Chamed surprises her mother and walks When Chamed is fourteen, she falls in love with Guiliano and her mother is terrified she will become a young pregnant teenager and works to keep the two separate When the summer comes, her mother plans to take her to Venice for the holidays.After much pleading and begging, she convinces her parents to let her stay at home for a little longer before joining her mother in Venice However, before the day is over, a terrible tragedy occurs and Chamed is left to fight for her own survival.Chamed s aunt cannot stand the golden princess and does all in her power to demean and humiliate Chamed She keeps her friends away, her boyfriend and makes up stories to the neighbours about being a witch When she feels Chamed may have help coming, she has her committed to an insane asylum where life becomes a living hell.Subjected to all kinds of torment and torture, Chamed spends the next year slowly dying inside until Dr Franco and his wife come along and devise a plan to save Chamed s life Will they be successful or will Chamed be doomed to spend the rest of her life in a madhouse This is a debut novel by author, Chamed It has been translated from Italian and I must say it is a difficult read for the most part The English is broken and disjointed and sometimes you truly haven t a clue what is being shared and you have to reread certain parts to get the gist of what is occurring I think with better editing this can be a truly remarkable book which could enable others to learn from the atrocities that occurred to Chamed The horrors that she endured at the hands of those who were in trust was astonishing and heart rendering to read I couldn t imagine an Aunt hating as much as hers did, and to be left as she was and have to survive the madness is commendable.I am glad that Chamed had someone to turn to in the end and that the end of her story did not end in another tragedy All in all, if you can get past the grammar and punctuation, then you will enjoy this book As well, there is mild to moderate expletives and some situations may be disturbing. I got this book free from Early Reviewers on I can t figure out how it has such a high rating I really understand why anyone who went through what this author did would want to share their story I think anyone who suffered what she did would want the world to know it But aggravated sigh Aside from how horribly atrocious the events of this book really are, the writing of this book made it almost impossible for me to finish Maybe it s the translation But I managed to finish it not because of it s gripping tale, or because of the awesome writing but because I felt obligated to do so At least I owed little Chamed that much She suffered her entire life, I could at least suffer through her book, right I dialogue felt so forced and awkward The story was so horrific I had a hard time accepting it could possibly be real The mother was not likable at all even though Chamed clearly loved her and her childhood sweetheart s relationship seemed to consisted of three conversations before she fell madly in love with her apparent soul mate It felt like I was reading something written by a 7 year old, sometimes to the point where I lost track of what was happening Also, I felt the title of this was slightly misleading I guess it technically is survivor memories of the madhouses in Italy, though the greater portion of this book isn t about them It s about her entire childhood and adolescence before she s sent there, and then a very small portion is about those madhouses and abuse and rape that went on there I maybe might tell others about this book, but I d never suggest someone to read it for themselves It wasn t good, and it was extremely depressing Even with the happy ending, I was so glad to be done with it. An Extreme Experience A Heartbreaking Autobiographical Novel The Author Testifies To Bewildering Crimes, Occurring In Italy, Just Three Decades Ago, Inside An Adoptive Family And In A Mental Hospital Unimaginable Crimes Almost Too Absurd To Believe Possible, That No One Has Ever Before Dared To Expose To Public Scrutiny Actual Events Chronicled From A Reality So Bizarre, So Nightmarish, Where Demented And Criminal Madmen Continued To Segregate, Abuse, And Torture A Sane And Innocent Young Woman Almost To The Point Of No ReturnA Story Of Illness And Despair, Lovingkindness And Hatred, Healing And Romance, Friendship And Superstition, Loneliness And Loss, Envy And Revenge, Electroshock And The Worst Psychical And Physical Abuses In An Asylum Turned House Of HorrorsYet, On A Distant Horizon, The Only Hope A Deliverance Through The Miraculous Devotion Of LoveFirst Edition WorldwideI Read Chamed S Book In One Day Last Summer I Can Say That I Devoured It It Was Still In Draft, But I Could Not Stop Reading It It Really Stopped My Heart A Strong, Direct, Fascinating Story It Strikes And Leaves Its MarkEdmondo Rho, Special Correspondent For Panorama No Person Who Reads This Book Could Fail To Be Profound Ly Moved To Reflect First Of All On The Very Serious Danger To Innocent People Of Institutions Which Fail To Maintain Proper Oversight Against Abuses To Patients In Mental Health Institu TionsSecondly It Shows How Justice Can Fail To Be Served In Modern Society, Where Adequate Protection For The Interests Of Minor Surviving Orphans May Be Lacking Or Nonexistent Finally No Reader Can Read This Without Great Inspiration To The Courage Of The Human Spirit And The Power Of Human Love To Defeat EvilReading This Book, As Well As Having A Role In Disseminat Ing Its Message To The Public, Is A Great Privilege, That Every Reader Will Probably Experience Gratitude For Ed Carl, Editor A Deeply Moving Story, Incredible In Its Lucidity Carlo Castelli, Author Of Nervi D Acciaio Full Of Emotion Aurora Magnin Roncada, Translator Of The French Edition I feel a little bad giving this book a crappy review because its clear the author went through some pretty horrific experiences However, I feel like I should be honest in my review.When I saw the description for this book, I was thinking I would be receiving a work chronicling a patient s experiences as a ward of the Italian psychiatric facility that s described I was expecting footnotes, details, dates, but this book is just a jumbled mess There is no detail, the author skips from one line to the next without any sense of time or importance The writing was badreally bad I m not sure if it was just a terrible translation, or what, but it was really distracting and made the story hard to grasp It reads as though an eight year old wrote it, which would be endearing if the author was eight, but she s not Where was the editor in this book The whole thing was like a jumble of ideas, or a rough draft of a novel, definitely not a finished piece I m annoyed because this could have been such a heart wrenching and beautiful story if time and effort had been put into it At 139 pages, it just didn t feel like the author even cared At least it was over quickly. I won this through First Reads I feel bad for the review I m about to make however I just want to be honest The translator, editor and anyone who collaborated on this book should be fired It was just awful I cant even begin to describe it Whoever approved this draft to go to print has lost their mind But I do understand that there is only so much you can do with a draft Which brings me to my last point, just because someone has had a hard life it doesnt make them a good author I highly doubt this book could be good even with great translation The author is just not a very good writer at all I m so sick of people thinking they should write a book just because they had a hard life Not everyone can write and there are other ways to get your story heard if you really have to talk about it. This book was a little hard to follow, with the talking and all But, it makes sense since of what shes gone through I have many questions, like, does Chamed still go by Sarah or has she changed her name back to Chamed To me, Chamed is a beautiful, wonderful name Sarah, is a little common and dull No offense Amazing and so sad book I had to do all I could not to cry but ended up crying anyways, what a beautiful book What those people have done to her life is terrible They have killed her I admire Chamed, for living through it all, and still coming out perfect Beautiful, Great Job I won this book on a goodreads giveaway I thought it was a very sad story but found the style that it has written in was very hard to get enjoy Also found it hard to really get into. A distanza di ore dopo averlo terminato, sono ancora scioccata Insomma, oltre che alla protagonista, il cuore si fermato anche a me Questo libro un vero e proprio shock, un balzo sull orlo di un precipizio, uno spavento, un urlo davanti a immenso e continuo dolore Una storia incredibile, tanto pi se si pensa che vera Ne protagonista una ragazza italiana di nome Chamed uno pseudonimo, ovviamente la quale, grazie all a dei genitori, persone splendide e modello di vita per lei, riesce a guarire dalla poliomielite che le diagnosticano da piccina, e si conquista una vita felice, normale Ma il buio dietro l angolo, e, a quattordici anni, i genitori, i suoi angeli custodi, che tanto l hanno amata, protetta e cresciuta affettuosamente, muoiono in un incidente d auto Per Chamed inizia cos l inferno Affidata a una zia che l ha sempre odiata, conosce ogni genere di sopruso e violenza fisica e psicologica, vittima dell ignoranza, dell indifferenza, della cattiveria di cui solo l uomo, nella sua veste pi infima, capace le vicina solo l amica del cuore, Anna, che per , nel mondo guasto e corrotto degli adulti che le circondano, nel denunciare ci che accade a Chamed non viene creduta fino in fondo E cos Chamed precipita, precipita sempre pi in quel baratro nero che diventata la sua esistenza, e, in seguito a un tentato suicidio, viene internata in manicomio Siamo negli anni 70, la legge Besaglia non ancora entrata in vigore, e i manicomi sono ancora un vero e proprio inferno, dove molestie e violenze nei confronti dei detenuti sono all ordine del giorno, dove non si vive, ma si muore lentamente, in condizioni vergognosamente deplorevoli, giorno dopo giorno E la nostra sfortunata protagonista ci testimonia anche questo, con il cuore strappato La sua storia non finisce qui, ma questo gi tanto Sono stata costretta a impormi di centellinare il libro che avrei potuto leggere in un giorno intero , dandomi tregua e deglutendo, perch il dolore che mi passava sotto agli occhi, era davvero troppo Grazie a Chamed per averci lasciato questa testimonianza coraggiosa e importante, per quanto mi abbia fatto accapponare a pi riprese la pelle Da lettrice, da donna, da essere umano Penso che l a, quello vero, non muoia mia e che i ricordi passati con le persone che abbiamo amato e che ci hanno amato, ci possano accompagnare anche quando esse non ci sono pi voglio augurarmi che ovunque sia ora, Chamed sia finalmente e nonostante tutto, un po serena, e che il ricordo dei suoi genitori possa accompagnarla per sempre.