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As Soon As Rose Saw The Single Purple Converse Left On Her Porch She Knew That Her Friend Was Gone The Question That Bothered Her Was Not So Much Why The Shoe Was Left For Her, But Who Had The Other Shoe Was It Patrick, Who Claimed He Didn T Love Shade Any Was It Eli Who Was Supposed To Be Rose S Best Friend, But Was Secretly In Love With Shade Or Was It Someone Rose Didn T Even Know, A Stranger And Then Rose Meets A Stranger Of Her Own, Dysan Who Is So Many Of The Things Shade Was, An Artist, A Musician, And A Slight Bit Wild Will Rose Let What Happened To Shade Keep Her From Falling For Dysan

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    I m in the middle of another book, I had originally intended to read Sentimental Bulls t after it But when I got it I figured I would take a peak and read the first page I read the whole thing.I just kept going until there were no pages left It flowed well, so it was gone in a breeze I really enjoyed reading this book, despite the fact that I had originally intended to give this to my sister Honestly when I read the back I didn t expect it to be as engaging as it was Goes to show that you really can t judge a book by its cover Overall Sentimental Bulls t is a story with a lot of potential It is catching, witty in all the right moments , and moving But what I loved most about it was how reasonable it was, well paced, not too far fetched as in I could believe this really happened Who knows if it didn t Even then I don t think anyone could tell the story better.

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    I Loved this book The author, Magenta Periwinkle, did an amazing job conveying the often conflicted thoughts and feelings of youth Within the pages of this book are opportunities to completely submerse yourself in the memories of your own relationships with people that have since become a fixture of your past Thank you for the chance to re examine The bond of a childhood friendship, that you will never find again A betrayal so great, you will forever feel unresolved The feelings of complete emptiness you feel when losing someone you love so dearly And Mostly, for the strength to realize that life will go on I highly recommend this book to everyone who has struggled with the choices of life.

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    So, I m sure it is very wrong to review your own book and if this were it would delete my review but let us see if I can get away with it here I think that Sentimental Bulls t is different than most of the books out there I m sure everyone says that about their book, but I m sure mine is, and that is why Sentimental Bulls t is not for everyone The book starts out with Rose who is about to leave home to go to art school in New York City, where she thought she dreamed of going, but things have changed since she applied Rose s best friend Shade came home for Christmas Vacation and Rose couldn t have been excited but then somehow they end up spending less time together than Rose anticipated and Rose begins spending time with Patrick, Shade s recent ex Sure the same old group of friends still goes places together, but things have changed and Rose finds herself exiled from the group.Which finds her in New York where she meets the cutest boy she has ever dared talk to Dysan The story alternates between her present with Dysan and her past with Shade and Patrick, until she must choose whether to stay in the past with her memories or move forward in her relationship with Dysan and New York City Magenta Periwinkle

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    After days of reading, I realized this book has great potential to be something special, unique, or in it s own way a classic I believe the author has her own voice and opinions, Which she gladly displayed in the story Though, I did find it at times average, I still believe that this book has the potential to be then it is I love the title it s eye catching the cover is amazing and original, and the characters don t feel like your average, dull, ordinary, generic cast Thank you so much good reads for allowing me to win this book and I hope to read from the author and see her grow and change in her writing If I could give this book a grade I d say it was worthy of a 3.5 5 ___.

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    I fell in the love with this book by the 10th page.I loved Magenta s writing style and this is something that should be on everyone s bookshelf.If it were sold in bookstores it would have to be put next to The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and Paper Covers Rock by Jenny Hubbard I don t know why I feel like this is like an instant classic to me, I just loved it so much Awesome contemporary read that all lovers of contemporary YA should check out I also loved the chapter headers that were the names and dates of famous people s deaths I loved that touch R.D.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway The main character, Rosary, was interesting and I was drawn into her story immediately and anxious to find out what had happened to her to make her the person she is Good book I would definitely recommend to others

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    It was good Some things I could have done without I read the ebook I m not sure if it was an electronic issue or the way it was published, but a lot of grammatical errors and there was a whole paragraph that repeated itself But overall, it was good.

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    One question Why isn t the Converse on the cover purple

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    This book definitely keeps you guessing I wanted to know what was going to happen next Quite a few grammar mistakes Very good read.

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.