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If you pick up this book, don t plan on doing anything else until you ve finished it I think it s all time, the best book i ve ever read Oh and also plan on making a trip to the local video rental to get a copy of the movie Even if you ve already seen it. EXCELLENT BUY IT For Love Of Country, For Love Of Maiden, For Love Of Freedom He Became The Hammer And Scourge Of EnglandIn One Of History S Darkest Hours There Arose From Humble Beginnings A Man Of Courage And Honor The Likes Of Whom The World May Never See Again Amid The Color, Pageantry, And Violence Of Medieval Scotland Unfurls The Resplendent Tale Of The Legendary William Wallace, Farmer By Birth, Rebel By Fate, Who Banded Together His Valiant Army Of Scots To Crush The Cruel Tyranny Of The English Plantagenet KingMel Gibson Is William Wallace, The Valiant Highlander Whose Epic Adventures Changed The Course Of History I ve loved the movie ever since I saw it for the first time That time I also had my first crush on actor, and since that I ve been a huge Mel Gibson fan So it s really no wonder, that I wanted to read this book at some point of my life.I liked the story very much I could see it clearly in front of me every moment of William Wallace s epic story Characters were described very well, they seemed very realistic The only negative thing in the book was the few too short chapters, they really bugged me And the epilogue was really weird, Randall talked to William Yeah right.But the story was so strong and full of life, that you d almost believe that all this really happened This book is one of my favorites from now on. It had it s merits as a fun bit of fiction butEver watch a movie or read a book and keep hearing a voice that says, that s not the way it happened You have Good Nuff said. They fought like warrior poets They fought like Scotsmen I love the story and legend of William Wallace I have grown up with the story and the movie, starring Mel Gibson That being said, I wasn t a huge fan of this book It was just like the movie, with some added facts and events, which was amazing If I hadn t watched the movie dozens of times before I read this book, then I probably would have loved it Throughout the entire book, I just wanted things to move quicker and read about certain events The parts added about Isabella of France were boring and although I saw how they were needed for the story to fully make sense, I was still skimming them.My favorite parts of the entire book were the ones that included Hamish and Stephen They are by far my favorite characters and, lucky for me, were seen in most of the book Overall, the story was great, but I would have preferred to watch the movie I knew everything that was going to happen and exactly how it was going to play out I knew exactly what was going to be said and how people would respond to it For me, that took all the fun out of reading this book However, if you had never seen the movie and are interested in the story of William Wallace, then you definitely should pick up this book. I read this when I was 13 as a strategy for getting my parents to let me watch the movie I figured I could argue that since I d read the book, then I knew all gruesome details that would be onscreen and thus not be warped That argument worked, and I did get to watch it I don t remember a whole lot about this book other than I did love reading it despite my ulterior motives It s grossly historically inaccurate as is the film , but definitely an invigorating read. Not a bad read about an extremely inspiring man The story of the Scottish fight for freedom and the picture we get here of a patriot is a wonderful story The history is a little shaky, but remember what the newspaper man in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence said When the legend becomes fact, print the legend. The best we people can understand at all what was going on and what England did to a people who just wanted to live their lives and raise their childrenThat is so sad..England never took responsibility for the carnage they put upon the people of Scotland..A shame that England can never come out from England can only feel shame I very much liked the movie Braveheart The same man who wrote the movie also wrote this book and they are almost identical, with a few relatively minor exceptions Just as I liked the movie, I liked the book a lot I ve heard that the history is not terribly accurate here and there are clearly some speculative things But as a heroic tale it certainly worked At least for me.