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A series of a different color the first Horse Lover's mystery uarter horse trainer Michaela Bancroft's husband is divorcing her for a 22 year old beauty Stunned Michaela is trying to rein in her life when she finds her Uncle Lou murdered And when she's nearly run off the road she suspects she's on the fast track to being the next victim

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    A cute mystery involving horses a nice story for a uick read

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    What a fun horsey mystery

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    Not the best horse mystery I've read The cover is misleading it looks to be an English or East coast setting but is rather California and uarter HorseReigning rodeo It was a uick read with plenty of suspects relationships to explore The horse stuff was OK not a lot of detail but adeuate I tend to read author notes and extra stuff at front or back before starting a book but stumbled into the epilogue by mistake and read a spoiler before I noticed so that blew the 'mystery' for me

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    This was a fairly entertaining read The mystery was wrapped up in uite a few red herrings and any number of characters could have been the whodunit so it definitely kept me thinking I wasn't too fond of some of the stereotyping or the fact that the book ended with far too many loose ends though it seems that the story may continue through multiple books? but I did enjoy the focus on the horse world

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    In Michele Scott's Saddled With Trouble the first installment in the Horse Lover's Thriller Mystery series you'll be welcomed to the grand world of horse racing For Michaela Bancroft she had enough trouble as it is with her ex husband's new girlfriend forcing her to sign the divorce papers while overwhelmed in debt and then finding her uncle murdered in his own horse stall While she was shocked with his death she had met Detective Jude Davis on the case trying to find answers on her own She had become suspicious of her best friend's boyfriend's behavior and her own troubled feelings for Dr Ethan Slater her friend and vet When she discovered that one of her ranch hands had been murdered with his own suicide note it made her worrisome and suspicious of the people she had known on the ranch She also suspected some strange goings over her ranch and the breeding scam that had placed the blame on her uncle While Jude uestioned her and her step aunt Cynthia she had to deal with her father's gambling problems again As soon as she figured out who wanted her uncle Lou dead someone almost ran her off the road Then on the way to Vegas for a rodeo show she became face to face with a killer who wantd her dead too with a shocking ending

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    Lots of twistsTangled relationships lots of uestions Looking forward to #2 and hope there are to come Adult characters a change from Michele ' s Fairmont Academy series which I also enjoyed

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    Great readKept me in suspense not knowing who did it until the very end Great information about horses and their care

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    Michaela Bancroft is having a rough time She's in the process of divorcing her husband Brad Warren after ten years of marriage Brad's new fiancee Kirsten is actively harassing her to get her to sign the divorce papers instantly without holding out for the thousands of dollars Brad owes for the medical bills insurance wouldn't cover in pursuit of a pregnancy they never achieved Her wild friend Camden has moved in with her while waiting for the settlement on her divorce too And with all the bills Michaela is running her horse ranch on minimal helpAnd then her beloved Uncle Lou misses a breakfast with her that he had suggested She goes to his ranch and finds him in his prize stallion's stall with a pitchfork through his backSoon Michaela is getting confusing signals from handsome police detective Jude Davis as he seems sympathetic yet asks hard and upsetting uestions and learning unsettling things about everyone she cares about Her father is gambling and losing again Camden's new boyfriend has been pressuring Lou to sell his ranch Lou's much loved second wife Cynthia is pregnant despite the vasectomy Lou had several years ago An especially upsetting and awkward discovery is that Lou was being sued by people who claimed they paid thousands for semen from his prize champion stallion but received semen from some other unknown stallion What's especially disturbing is that they appear to have proofIt's all complicated alarming and confusing for Michaela and it gets even scarier when strange things start happening around her own ranch and she gets run off the road by a big Ford truckI liked Michaela and her friends and as complicated as the underlying plot behind her uncle's death gets in the end it all hangs together and makes sense A fun read or listenRecommended for a good beach readI received a free copy of this audiobook from Audible in exchange for an honest review

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    The book begins with the mundane but interesting dialog between Michaela Bancroft and her friend and roommate Camden This provides the perfect base for an excellent literary soup Michaela’s deteriorating domestic situation provides the perfect base and soon the murder of her uncle Lou was added to the mix Lies deceit greed and love are added making the mystery even baffling The euestrian aspects form a background that succeeds in bringing the smells of hay and manure and the faint buzzing of barnyard flies This murder mystery keeps the reader guessing as the suspects lined up and stood under the spotlight of suspension The colorful characters jump off of the pages and remain vividly in the reader’s mind My one character criticism concerns the two Hawaiians Dwayne and Sam Their dialogs and speech patterns make them sound like the Lone Ranger’s sidekick Tonto; seemingly overlooking or forgetting that the islands were made the United State’s fiftieth state fifty six years ago This is the first in a trilogy entitled The Horse Lover’s Mysteries and exemplifies and epitomizes the traditional who done it mysteries of the fifties and early sixties This is the first time I’ve read anything by Michele Scott aka AK Alexander but it won’t be the last

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    I didn't see the killer until the end That is saying something I read mysteries all the time and I can usually spot who done it pretty uickly However I was completely off in this one Way to go Michele ScottOn a side review My mom LOVED this book She grew up with horses so she could relate to that aspect And has had to deal with ex husbands who cheat so again she could relate to that I have limited horse history than some but not enough to really appreciate that aspect of the book and have the same husband that I've had for over a decade so relating to the book wasn't as easy for meThat being said I still liked the book and found it easy to read and understand I feel someone with absolutely NO horse experience would be able to get the book still and enjoy it I had fun reading this book and will be reading others by this author in the future