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Nikki Sands was like every other aspiring actress waiting tables between jobs But Nikki had taken serving wines to heart She knew enough to impress Napa Valley's golden boy Derek Malveaux who offered her a job at his vineyard And though Nikki may have left her dreams of stardom behind the world of wine is ripe with intrigue and the seeds of sleuthing are planted Nikki has just set foot on Napa Valleys' rich soil when she realizes her new job may not be as safe as she thought First off Derek Malveaux is disconcertingly sexy Second his top winemaker is dead in the bushes outside Nikki's cottage It doesn't take a connoisseur of foul play to know something's taken a terrible turn

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    Anyone who knows me knows I do not like cozies After reading my preferred genre of hard core police procedurals murderers serial killers etc asking me to read a cozy is like offering me ONE vanilla wafer for dessert Nikki Sands is an actress ok she wants to be an actress Right now she's working as a waitress contemplating her life's choices A run in with The Bimbo or less causes the loss of that job When The Bimbo's date Derek Malveaux winds up offering her a job at his winery she agrees to go with him to check it outNote The interaction between Nikki and the Bimbo had me in stitchesOn her first day at the winery she discovers the murdered body of the little old winemakerNikki is smart she's sassy and no one's fool She however does need to learn that playing a detective on a TV show or that having an aunt who actually is a real life detective or the fact that she has read Nancy Drew books do not make her a good detective She tends to just jump right in and go for the goldThere are plenty of suspects with all kinds of motives who might have wanted the winemaker dead And Nikki is determined to ferret the killer out Of course the she sticks her nose into things the danger she's inIt's a very nice little mystery with twists and turns that actually surprised me I really liked Nikki and was rooting for her all the way Derek is a nice foil to her humorous way of looking at things I like the attraction between them There is the evil step mother a vicious ex wife a younger step brother and his life partner and the assorted other winery owners who may or may not have a reason to kill And let's not forget the news reporter who wants Derek for herselfIf someone had told me a week ago I would actually read a cozy that I enjoyed I'd have thought they were drunk The only negative I have is all those recipes interwoven every chapter or two I don't cook with wine I don't even drink wine so I skipped through thoseMy thanks to the author and Wordsmith Publicity who furnished a digital copy in exchange for an honest unbiased review

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    ★★★★☆ I read this nice little cozy mystery for a challenge and ended up being pleasantly surprised with the story characters and furtive plot almost all of which takes place on a vineyard I will definitely be continuing the series and may even try some of the recipes

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    Let me start this review in a most unusual way I met Michele Scott at the San Diego Writers Conference in February and was charmed by her easy going and kind personality I had a pretty good idea that I would enjoy her books so I bought the first book in each of her seriesWhile at another book festival in South Carolina five days later I met Valentine the wonder greyhound Being unfamiliar with this particular temporary member of the Regan Black household Regan the author of Justice Incarnate rescues greyhounds so it is a bit of a revolving doggie door I made the mistake of leaving my book on the coffee table when I went upstairs to do my hair Visit my blog at wwwmyspacecomkarensyed for an example of when bad things happen to good books And now my reviewNikki Sands is having a daywell perhaps just a moment but that one moment is changing everything for her With one little slip she finds herself thrown out of one situation and power punched into another The entry of a very handsome man in her life is making a real mess of things and if her topsy turvy feelings aren't enough now she'd finding dead bodies and fighting for her own life Michele Scott has written a delectable tale of intrigue and betrayal in Murder Uncorked book one in the Wine Lover's Mystery series The characters are brilliantly and oddly portrayed and best of all the mystery is a real corker I am actually looking forward to trying some of the recipes she has included

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    TwistedWhat a twisted beginning to a start of a new friendship Nikki wasn't looking for trouble but it sure did find her From what was supposed to be a great job offer turned to a sleuthing position Someone is killing people in Derricks vineyard but why is the big uestion and when you find out all the sects you'll wonder what is going on with this crazy bunch

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    I give this book two stars because it isn't the kind of mystery I enjoy not because it was terrible This was a romance with a mystery and I prefer cozies with less romance and uirky but lovable neighbors and humor Girl meets handsome rich man who takes an interest in her and sweeps her away from her boring life In this case she stumbles into a murder mystery and helps solve it There is some discussion of wine and food but not too much to distract from the story There are also recipes which culinary mystery fans would like I'm not sure this is a big spoiler but just in case I'll mark it as such My one pet peeve is mysteries where much of the investigation comes from breaking and entering and this happens a lot in this book It would have been so easy to get around this by having her actually start the job and get a set of keys and computer access at the vineyard Other than that it wasn't bad and I think those that like romance and culinary mysteries would enjoy it

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    Loved the first half of the book which focused on wine and pairings of food with wine Nikki starts out as a waitress one who knows her wines Unbeknownst to her she serves up wine and food to a sucessful vinyard manager Derek is suitably impressed with Nikki's wine pairing skills and soon offers her a job at his vineyardand that's when the murders start happening Nikki is nosy enough to investigate the deaths at the vineyard managing to keep ahead of the killer in her investigation However all the running around was where the novel really fell apart for me I still want wine stories with my murdersI hope the next in the series is like a fine wine one that gets better with age

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    This fast paced mystery kept me guessing all the way to the end It is such a tangled web that no one is truly innocent My only complaint is that Derek seems a little too naive perhaps I enjoyed learning about wines and reading about the delicious foods to pair with them It made me so hungry and wanting a beautiful rich glass of wine I'll definitely be seeking out other books in this series

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    Nikki Sands is an aspiring actress trying to pay rent as a waitress After spilling a drink accidentally on a customers date she suddenly finds herself with a job offer at the customers Napa Valley vineyardNikki goes to Napa and finds the body of the winemakerEccentric members of a family lovers new and old and suspects all around give Nikki the chance to snoopA mystery with a twist and recipes and wine suggestions are always a bonus

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    Highly enjoyable cozy murder mystery set in wine country The plot was a bit unplausible but easy enough to suspend disbelief I enjoyed it uite a bit and finished it in short order I plan to read in the series

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    Murder Uncorked is okay but I found myself wanting to like it a than I did Perhaps wine fans would enjoy it ; my knowledge of wine extends to knowing that red wine comes from red grapes and so on as the main character so aptly stated and thus I didn't have the faintest interest in all the discussion about whether this wine pairs well with that appetizerHow I feel about a cozy mystery depends heavily on whether I like the main character and here I couldn't really get behind Nikki Sands The repeated references to her failed acting career and her sad past etc I wasn't fond of them but I could let that go What really bothered me however was the inconsistency in the dialogue Characters would often say things that totally departed from their previously described personality and Nikki was the worst offender One example is the way Nikki went from a polite waitress described as friendly social and well liked to rudely accusing Derek Malveaux of having other intentions when he chased after her to apologize for the way his date treated her I don't blame her for her suspicions but who challenges other people so bluntly when the other person has already clarified twice that they're only there to make amends? My resulting impression of her is that she's an uptight nosey and rather annoying individual I don't think that's what the author intendedSurprisingly the part I most enjoyed while reading this book was looking through the recipes and reading the accompanying comments from Michele Scott Even though I'm never going to try the recipes for want of cooking skills it's clear that a lot of thought went into writing themFor those interested in picking up some newbie tips about wine this isn't the book for it; it really reuires some knowledge of wine for the mentions of different vintages and so on to make sense I'm not sure I'll be trying the next book Perhaps if I have time I might give it and Nikki another chance in the hopes that it's improved