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Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereA Child Bride, Sara Winchester Had Grown Into A Winsome Beauty, Joyfully Anticipating The Day When Her Husband Nathan, Marquess Of St James, Would Return To Claim Her Heart At Last Charmingly Innocent, She Dismissed The Ancient Feud That Divided Nathan S Family From Her Ownand She Was Totally Unaware Of His Past Exploits As The Notorious Pirate, Pagan The Man Who Now Stood Before Her Was Perplexing, Arrogant And Powerfully Handsomea Warrior Gentleman Whose Gentle Touch Aroused Her To The Wildest, Deepest Pleasures Of Love Nathan Had Never Bared His Soul To Any Woman, But He Was Soon Utterly Beguiled And Exasperated By Sara S Sweet, Defiant Ways Aboard His Ship, The Seahawk, She Was Brave, Imperious And Determined To Win His Heart Completely Yet Upon Their Return To England, Her Love Would Be Sorely Tested As A Vile Conspiracy Tried To Tear Them Apart With Their Future At Stake, They Would Discover The True Destiny Of Their Passionfor All Time

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    The parasols nearly sunk the boatI mean ship The Gift by Julie Garwood has always been one of my favourite historical romance novels I haven t re read it in years and when friends decided a Julie Garwood buddy read was in order, The Gift was chosen.We are introduced to Nathan at the age of fourteen and Sara at the age of four The daft King decided to stop the feuding between each of their families by joining the young couple in marriage Sara s family are despicable and throughout the story we see them at their worst Nathan s is not much better, but they are loyal When the couple finally come together to live as man and wife, it s not all plain sailing.I loved this couple Sara is an absolute crack up Her naive outlook on life and her unquestionable faith in her husband is sweet Nathan is a gruff and impatient man who wants the contract fulfilled without his emotions getting involved Their journey is filled with rough seas and dastardly parasols, but Sara s positive outlook and Nathan s determination help them survive the storms.Julie Garwood is one of the most brilliant historical romance authors and her stories always leave me with a smile on my face She brings her characters to life and makes you fall in love with them This was a great reminder to step back in time regularly and enjoy the fun, excitement, sexy times and adventure that a good historical romance provides.This review and can be found at

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    4 fun filled stars I ve LOVED listening to this series The Gift is another charming and delightful book by the very talented Julie Garwood I can t seem to get enough of this author and that says it all.

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    The Gift was a great novel It is a story of two fuding families and how won four year old girl is betrothed to won eighteen year old boy from the rival family are to put an end to this fight.The young family grow to trust and love each other The book was very well written a definite page turner I would recommend this to people over eighteen because of the violents and explisit descriptions of sex.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

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    This book is awful I have read Garwood before and thoroughly enjoyed the tale, but this one has such cardboard characters in search of a plot that I m surprised I managed to finish plowing through it Truly terrible and from an author I ve enjoyed prior to this.Sara, the female lead can t even call this one a heroine was married at the age of four to the then fourteen year old Nathan in order to settle a centuries old feud between their families When this story begins it s years later and Nathan has come to collect his bride Sara is the most ridiculous insipid air head that I ve ever had the displeasure to come across She sounds and behaves like a ten year old crybaby than the grown woman she is supposed to be I bet there isn t two pages in the entire book in which she isn t sobbing, weeping, crying, sniffling, about to burst into tears or her eyes watering in an emoting way of some kind She even cries after the sexin, but those are tears of rapturous uncontrollable joy Whatev I really wanted to tell her to grow the heck up She actually stomps on her husband s foot when they are having a disagreeement That bears repeating She stomps her dainty childlike foot on his to make a point She is in love with him after about two days and all she can think about, when she s thinking at all, which is seldom, is how to make Nathan say he loves her since she s already sure that he does and even tells him what a perfect wife she is for him Oh, if only that were true.Nathan, for his part, glares, grunts, grumbles, groans and gets right down to the sexin, because they have to have a baby to get the land from the oh never mind, this really isn t important to the story, oh wait, except that it s supposedly what this whole messy mishmash is about He might be an interesting character, but we barely get to know him What s his history Who is he Why is he how he is Nathan has terrible scars on his back which are mentioned, but never really explained, much like everything in this book.Of course, everyone simply falls in love with Sara because, who knows Silly, lacking of any story until about the last thirty pages Basically it s have sex, she provokes him does something stupd, have sex, provokes does stupid, repeat.I d give this one star, but I give those only to books I truly can t stand so it gets an extremely reluctant two Poorly done from an author who can certainly do better My recommendation Choose another of her novels.

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    What can I say about Julie Garwood that I haven t said yet I just love her writing I know she s formulaic in her characterization of her H h, but I happen to like her formula If it isn t broken, why fix it The St Jameses and the Winchesters have been enemies since the middle age, but King George decides to put a stop to their warring by ordering a marriage between Nathan, the young Marquess of St James, and Sara, the even younger daughter of the Earl of Winchester Obviously, the groom and the bride are given some time to consummate the marriage, given the fact that he s 14 years old and, gasp, she s only 4.Now, 14 years later, it s time Nathan collected his bride and the King s gift coins and lands that comes with it, as he needs the money to jump start the shipping company he s opened with his friend Colin Plus, he s a man of his word and it s his signature on the marriage contract, so he will consummate the marriage, no matter what Unfortunately, Sara s father isn t a man of his word and he wants nothing to do with the St James, so Nathan is forced to kidnap his own bride.Sara has fantasized about her husband since childhood, picturing him as a knight in shining armor who would eventually come and rescue her from her unloving family She s dismayed when she meets Nathan, as he s nothing like she s dreamed about, but she recovers after a fit of temper and decides to be the best wife he could ever want Poor Nathan His life is about to be turned upside down by her efforts to please him and he doesn t have the slightest clue, LOL.The majority of this book and Nathan and Sara s honeymoon takes place on Nathan s ship, as they travel to Sara s aunt Nora s island to take her Nora back home As they get to spend time together, Sara falls in love with Nathan naturally and he starts to care for her As most heroes in Romancelandia, Nathan is slow at realizing he loves Sara, but she s relentless and she ll have him admit it sooner or later Stubborn that he is, that happens later than sooner, but it s worth the wait Nathan was a typical Garwood hero and we all know how they are arrogant to the bone, dominant, possessive, strongly protective and comfortable with grunting than speaking coherently Awww, isn t that sweet LOL Sara was also a typical Garwood heroine quirky, airheaded, na ve, funny and loving That was all good to me, but she was also prone to opening the waterworks every other page and that became annoying after a while She cried when she was sad, when she was mad, when she was happy, when she had an orgasm I guess that was supposed to be funny charming , but it got on my nerves It wasn t bad enough to make me dislike Sara, but it was jarring enough to make me take notice.All in all, this was a very pleasant read There were a lot of LOL moments provided not only by Nathan and Sara, but by several secondary characters too and some sweet scenes between Nathan and Sara I especially liked the scene where Nathan asks his brother in law Caine to make him a list of endearments he could use to call Sara, as he couldn t go on calling her Damn It Sara forever Oh boy, he was a goner and so was I Great hero, great book Nitpicking Nathan s brother in law Caine, who s the hero in Guardian Angel, was a marquess in his book Now, he s an earl What happened Why was he demoted Bad writing editing

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    This was an incredibly difficult book to rate The story ended well but something was missingwhat was it Others would obsess or re read the story, I moved on to the last book in the series hoping the answer would miraculously turn up.The King has forced two feuding families into an alliance A substantial gift is the carrot at the end of the stick The two people stuck in this alliance are Nathan and Sara.Nathan was surly but protective, Sara was naive but devoted She never held anything back and wore her heart on her sleeve Nathan kidnaps Sara so he can get his hands on the Gift and the rest is about both of them surviving each other.He had believed he would have to protect his wife from the world Now he knew the truth It had become his duty to protect the world from his wife The Curse of the Infernal WeepingNathan s ship and crew are the victims of several accidents, the superstitious ones believe Sara is the harbinger of doom Sara s response to most situations is tears She cries when she s happy, she cries when she s sad, she cries when she s troubled, she cries when she s mad This made Nathan and his crew wary Nathan got over his wariness I didn t.He sounded as if he was close to weeping when he bellowed, She set my ship on fire She didn t do it on purpose, Matthew defended Nathan wasn t listening She set my ship on fire, he repeated in a roar There have been many hints about Nathan s backstory in the other books He was a spy, he was caught in a conspiracy, he was betrayed by a woman he cared for, he was tortured and thanks to Jade, he was also Pagan I couldn t contain my excitement waiting to learn but none of this was explored We don t even see much of his partner Colin which was a shame This let me down, I m a miserable house elf.Sara is consumed by her love for Nathan While this works out extremely well for Nathan, it makes you feel like an outsider You can t connect with her because you don t see her fall for him, it has already happened What will you do if a snake bites you she asked as she passed him Bite him back, Nathan drawled That ludicrous remark made her laugh You would, wouldn t you Sara gets annoyed with Nathan, she wants but she melts around him, all her sensible plans disappear If she were a little firm, things could have worked out sooner Me Be firm, be a cheesecake or a brownie.Sara Nathan, Nathan, NathanMe Even mousse is acceptable at this point.Sara Nathan Nathan Nathan Me Fine Be Jelly for life.Still, this was an an enjoyable read Caine and Jade make an appearance which was too cute I like how Julie Garwood always has a support system for the young, married couple In this book, this role is played by Jimbo, Matthew and Nora.What was missing I liked this book, but I didn t love it This book has been friendzoned and the need for half stars is real, people.

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    I read this book 20 years ago and remember loving it My perceptions have chanced a bit over the years and while I found this a bit corny and full of clich s, I still had a smile on my face the whole time I read and was a little misty eyed at the end My findings A Garwood will never go out of style It s still a 5 star read

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    Julia Garwood has the distinct talent of creating the most unlikeable and annoying female characters on the planet This girl got on my nerves so much I wanted to scream Charmingly innocent Seriously That s what you re going to call Sara Amazingly stupid, astoundingly aggravating, or unbelievably na ve are apt terms.The naivet was supposed to be charming and funny, I m sure, but it s not It s absolutely the farthest thing from charming and funny as you can possibly get After they have sex he rolls over and starts to go to sleep, saying nothing to her and frankly ignoring her, so what does she do She feels the need for reassurance and to be told she pleased him, so she s yelling in his ear to try to wake him up Need I say But the aggravation didn t stop there She goes on to perform every brainless, stupid and outlandish deed that can ever happen on a ship She sets his cabin on fire and burns down the framing or something There s some nonsense about her parasols, and crazy, ridiculous things occur I m not sure if it was this book, or The Charm School, that the woman got her hair caught in some roping on deck and he had to cut her hair short, but the scene was just over the top.I love pirates, I love pirate ships, being on the ocean everything about pirates, but this author managed to completely ruin that I saw the ship on the front of the book and grabbed it up thinking I was in store for an exciting adventure, but my god, was I wrong.I was like oh my god, shoot me now and put me out of my misery Nathan treated her like a dog, which was awful for a husband to treat his wife like that, but she deserved it and a lot I wanted him to throw her overboard She deserved to be fed to the sharks so I would never have to hear another word of hers ever again.I think the only funny thing in this book was when she starts using cuss words in front of the priest to teach Nathan a lesson that cussing is bad, but it was only slightly funny, because nothing she did could ever be funny, and he overreacted and got mad than the occasion warranted.I am thoroughly convinced that Julie Garwood is one of the worst romance authors and her characters will drive you up the dang wall I won t be reading any of her books.

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    Maybe I just read this one in a wrong timeBecause seriously what a meh The girl was a uuughhh..What an idiot. Im sorry I dont really use that word in real people but ugh It wasn t her first time boarding in a ship, for God s sake She s not an effing child not to know the basic or even GET the do s and don ts..But almost fifty percent of the book was about this girl s stupidity And she s so pushy, always trying her best to win other s confidence and trust. WTF And the guy, Goooood..When I read about him at the previous book in this series, I was excited because his story seemed interesting but what a disappointment He was even likable in the previous bookAnd the sex scenesespecially the first onesgawd..,I hate them..I just realize that I couldn t even use their names because what s the point And the only reason I gave this one 2 stars because I really like the beginning

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    Kitab sevdim, evet Belki ba ka bir yazar n olsa bu uk falan da verebilirdim ama nk kad n karakter biraz al kt Saft Pasifti, g s zd Hi sevmedi im eyler ve genelde Garwood un kad nlar g l d r, onun i in Garwood u bu kadar severim Ama bu k za az c k uyuz oldum nceki kitaptaki Jade in abisi Nathan a gelince Bu nceki kitapta okudu umuz adama hi benzemiyordu Yazar sanki ba l ba na yeni bir karakter yaratm t.Bunlar n d nda historical g zel bir dille aktaran, efso bir yazar var Okuyun tabiisi.