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A Warrior without Eual a Woman without OptionsTriumphs in the Coliseum and society bedchambers made gladiator Alexius of Iolcos famous for his brutal skill and womanizing ways Yet the only woman who intrigues him is Tiberia the Younger who now needs his help Protecting Tiberia places Alexius in the greatest danger he has ever known from her vengeful father and his own heartBecoming a temple priestess may be an honor but Tibi can't bear to surrender her freedom or her newfound faith Alexius's solution stuns her Marriageto a gladiator Scorned by her noble family Tibi always felt unworthy But with her champion by her side can she accept and give a love strong enough to vanuish their enemies?

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    ARC Courtesy of NetGalleyI feel the need to insert a disclaimer that this is Christian fiction Why? Because I know a lot of people who read romance thinking there will be explicit scenes which they love I’m not going to lie—I thought this would have heavier themes too but I didn’t let this fact deter me The story begins with Tibi whose father is reckless and demanding He wants Tibi to find a man to marry but Tibi is concerned about her new faith and finding someone whom she loves not marrying for political or social gain After several beaus however she has unsuccessfully impressed any of them When her father threatens to send her to the temple to become a priestess Tibi runs away Straight to the doorstep of Alexius a womanizing gladiator and close friend to her family Alexius has always favored Tibi and Tibi him But she could never marry someone like Alexius who is considered beneath her status And Alexius can’t marry Tibi because he had promised he’d stay away The longer they remain together though the they realize their feelings are hard to ignore The world building of Rome was exceptional I admit—I’m obsessed with gladiators after watching Spartacus on Starz Usually violence and gore are thick when a gladiator takes center stage but Carla Capshaw abstained from following this road The themes are definitely there but don’t go into too much detail I also like that I connected with the characters They were both likeable and both made me feel for them since this is told in different POVs My only complaint is that it was pretty obvious they were going to fall for each other But even when Alexius held the party and had women hanging all over him I felt for Tibi which says something Overall I’d recommend this book for anyone looking for a historical themed love story By the way can I haz the cover model? drools

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    Carla's roman trilogy is exceptional I recommend reading all three books The Gladiator The Protector and The Champion They will bring you to a world where blood lust rules becoming a Christian is like signing your death warrant and where being a woman left you with little power to protect yourself And that is where we find Tibi a woman in need of Christ and a champion Alexius of Iolcos was the reigning hero of gladiators His dark good looks and charming personality were as popular outside the ring as in Entertainments were starting to bore him He thought of his friends Caros Pelonia and uintus Adiona and their faith It had changed them but he had too much anger for their God of peace and love to forgive him He failed his family and the anger needed to be fought even though he now owned the gladiator schoolTibi Pelonia's cousin was a disappointment to her father She could never please him and now she has a fourth broken betrothal and he has threatened to send her be a Priestess at one of the temples She did not even believe in those gods Her sister had married a Senator so her father accepted her She escaped to go find Pelonia but she and Caros had not arrived Alexius insisted she stay until their arrivalAlexius knew he could never have Tibi His lower status would not allow it She needed a champion though and he would be that for her She had been beaten down to where she could not see her beauty or worth Alexius could be her physical champion but they were both in need of Christ for the spiritual championReceived book from NetGalley for review

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    Unlike so many historical novels set in the old west this was a nice change In the old Roman world of gladiators senators and the general mistreatment of everyone the upper classes deem “less than” we discover the story of Alexius and TibiA little tough to get going since I hadn’t read the first two stories in what was obviously a series But I let go the uestions that arose over the mention of other couples and focused on what was going on between the two main characters which kept me interested enoughNot your usual Christian romance since neither was preached to during the course of the first half of the book though they had been in the past And neither particularly wanted to be a believer until later in the book Still it was full of suspense with a bit of a ‘we’re on the run from the bad guy’ feelAll in all a good read uick since it’s a novella The reader will find himself bombarded by italics unable to see the need to emphasize a word for ourselves Or maybe I just noticed it because that’s what my critiue group partners called me on recently

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    I am in love with Gladiators after reading Carla Capshaw's third book in her Gladiator series Thanks to the author for sending me a copy I loved the story of Alexius and Tibi Escaping the wrath a vengeful father leads her into the arms of man she should steer clear of but God had other plans for both of them Despite their pasts they learn to slowly trust each other It's when the danger of an enraged Father becomes imminent that both learn that only Jesus is their only hope The fact that Alexius could lose the one woman on earth who has managed to capture his heart is what drives him to his knees and ask help from His maker The same goes for Tibi She realizes her need for Christ to fulfill every void her earthly father had left in her It's through the examples of their friends uintus and Adonia and Caros and Pelonia that they see how God can truly change lives for the better Can't wait to read her next book

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    Ancient Rome believes that women are only worthy of the men they ensnare to marry; powerful influential men Tibi is not your typical obedient Roman woman And it's not only because she has a fair skin and blond hair she's headstrong kind to the poor and the oppressed with a mind and an opinion that she was not afraid to share But even in her brave countenance there was only one person who could reduce her to a meek lamb void of any self importance Her father had hated her since she was born and as she grew into a marriageable age his disgust toward her became insufferable She ran away from home and into the most powerful gladiator of the land Alexius Together they fought each other's attraction as it was obvious it was not going to be fruitful This is my first time reading a book from the 'inspirational' genre Sometimes it really is nice to read something clean It was a shock actually I have to say that I was disappointed that this was also a book about gladiator but because of the genre all the violence and the gore was nearly non existent here I mean the connotation was there but none was described in a succinct matter The romance proceeded in a snail's pace but the realization of them being in love with each other happened too fast for my taste The author did a very good job of staying within the parameters of this genre but it's too bad that it took away some of the empathy that I was supposed to have with the main characters I enjoyed reading this book nonetheless and I want to thank Harleuin and Net Galley for allowing me to pre read this

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    Carla Capshaw's third book in the gladiator series is just as enjoyable as the other two were if not better I've tried to think about what makes The Champion such a favorite of mine and I came up with a few things The author makes ancient Rome come alive with her descriptions and storyline and it seems like you are there and involved Her characters have such a delightful way of interaction at times with playful teasing banter Many other authors today have their characters act like they don't care for each other for most of the book and then suddenly declare an undying commitment at the end which seems false Carla's characters don't seem to do that and their manner of relating to each other seems much believable Her villainous character in this one made me about as angry as I could possibly be and not decide to uit reading the book If you haven't discovered Carla Capshaw yet please give her a try; you will be delighted

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    Another great book in the series I have enjoyed each one because they really transport you to Roman times and give you a glimpse of the life of early Christians So uniue I am sad that this is the last book in the series

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    Alexius and Tibi captured my heart from the start in this fast paced final book in Ms Capshaw's Roman trilogy I for one will miss these heroes and heroines of the ancient world who risked death to follow Christ Great romance and great adventure all wrapped in deep faith Bravo

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    Until now I assumed Love Inspired was synonymous with light romance not that there's anything wrong with that but thanks to Carla Capshaw I'll have to mentally re shelve the line Sparks started flying in chapter one of The Champion and the romantic tension continued to build making this summer read as refreshing as a glass of iced tea and not nearly as sweet as I expected Fans of the line needn't worry your favorite Love Inspired authors haven't swapped places with Harleuin Blaze writers But if you read a lot of Christian category you might notice an uptick in the heat level a fact that wasn't wasted on this edgy Christian fiction lover Alexius is a gladiator with rage issues Tibi is the woman who brings out his tender side Both of the leads were extremely likable and their faith journeys didn't feel heavy handed I found the setting and tone reminiscent of Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion series but obviously not as graphic I'm not sure if Capshaw's work represents what we can expect from Love Inspired in the future but in my best British waif accent Please sir I want some

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    Alexius is amazing Just saying While I did not really experience the unsavory side of him I still saw the fallout of his past actions in a way to make his struggles believable That he was willing to take in Tibi even though it could cost him his fortune made him a hero in my eyes He did everything to protect her and to encourage her to be herselfTibi was a bit confusing to me She had a brutally abusive father yet was uncowed and was beautiful yet did not know it as many heroines are I guess I would have preferred that she had been uniueThe tension and struggle through the first half of the book kept me staying up late to read as much as I could This was where I loved Alexius the most and enjoyed the Greek side of him However toward the end I began to loose interest It seemed to mirror the end of The Gladiator too much I wish that Capshaw could have come up with a better way to end the conflict than for view spoiler them to end up in the arena as in the other novella hide spoiler