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I loved The Pirate Lord so much I ve gotten into a bit of a Pirate Deserted Island Binge and was not disappointed with my choice of adding this to my haul The characters were wonderful, the descriptions were vivid, and the story line was consistently interesting Sara Willis is a reformer in a time when a woman who committed even the pettiest of crimes was shipped off to the new colony in Australia virtually as a prostitute She is also the step sister of the Earl of Black Sara arranges to be on one of the ships that is taking a group of women prisoners to New South Wales so she can report on the terrible conditions and abuse of the women She is pulling a Nellie Bly The terrifying Pirate Lord Captain Gideon Horn and his men are settling down and are on the hunt for wives when the women s ship pulls in the port where they are Gideon sees the women as an easy solution to the wives problem seeing as there is a ship full of them for the taking Sara and Gideon are all sparks and passion even as they fight each other along the way Never a dull moment and a read you won t want to miss I really don t think pirate sex is like this Pirates want to get married Pirates have issues with abandonment Pirates are incredibly romantic when having sex with virgins, they constantly ask them if they are hurting them Pirates are actually attractive and do not smell bad Pirates like to tell small children stories and cuddle with them in bedBest lines Obey me, me lady, or I will brandish you with my saber He SO did not mean saber What on earth was she thinking, having a pirate carry her to his bed But no just any pirate A pirate that drove her mad with desire and made her feel things she had never felt before Your body is corruptible, me lady, and tonight I m going to corrupt it in every way possible. A Splendid OpportunityA Shipload Of Women Theirs For The Taking Pirate Captain Gideon Horn Couldn T Be Delighted His Men Are Tired Of Wandering The High Seas And Want To Settle Down With Wives On The Uncharted Island Paradise They Ve Discovered And The Women Are Bound To Be Grateful To Be Rescued From The Life Of Drudgery Awaiting Them In New South Wales Lord, He S So Clever A Splendid PassionMarried To Pirates Sara Willis Couldn T Be Appalled First She Demands Proper Courting At Least A Month The Darkly Handsome Pirate Lord Gives Them Two Weeks Then Sara Insists The Men Vacate Their Huts For The Women Gideon Demands Her Kisses In Return As The Demands Heat Up, So Do Their Passions And Soon Sara Can T Remember Just Why She S Fighting The Devilishly Seductive Captain So Hard 0.99 September 21, 2017 Man, I really wanna try it Pirate Lurve This is a great start to the Lord series by Sabrina Jeffries I have to admit that I am a sucker for pirate books My favorite is the Pirate Prince by Gaelen Foley, but this one is a close second I really liked this heroine She had the perfect balance of strength, vulnerability, and goodness Sara is a reformer She is one that seeks to make a difference in the lives of hurting people around her She is not shallow, materialistic, and selfish She is a giver It is these characteristics that make her want to board a ship filled with convict women to educate them on their passage out of England Gideon is a pirate He is a wanted man, and has decided to stop his pirating ways in exchange for asimple, stable, life on a deserted island He and all his crewman want to start fresh and make a new life, but they need women to begin this new society What better way than to capture the women from the convict ship Sara is not happy She fights tooth and nail, but through her fighting and resisting.finds this Pirate Lord not at all cruel, but surprisingly thoughtful and considerate Thus begins this love story I really liked this couple, but what sets this book apart is the use of the secondary characters The reader becomes attached to Sara s brother Jordan, Gideon s cook, and many of the convict women who all have their own demons Gideon also has his share of demons, but lucky for him, he s fallen in love with the ultimate reformer whose specialty is slaying those dragons On to the next bookThe Notorious LordJordon s storyYay Silly heroes and a stupid plot line, all happening in 1818 Sara is a young British lady, a sister to an earl She is also a reformer, concerned about the welfare of women convicts She is joining a convict ship transporting women prisoners to Australia because she wants to document the indignities the convicted women suffer at the hands of sailors and guards.Gideon is an American pirate, a former privateer He hates British aristocracy The reason for his hatred is explained later in the book, and it s very private It s about his family, not about his American freedom and equality principles.Tired of piracy, he wants to settle down on a small island and build a community of equal citizens a utopia, in his own words His men want it too But even a utopia needs women wives for his men So he attacks the convict ship and liberates the women Not all of them want to be liberated, but he s the captain and a pirate, so nobody dares to complain, except Sara She becomes the women s advocate.Of course, Sara and Gideon fall on love, but that s not my complaint Sara wants Gideon to let the women go, because she herself wants to go home, not live on an island with snakes and bananas and not much else She is also appalled by the pirates former occupation While I sympathized with her personal predicament, I was reading all this soap opera worthy drivel and thinking what if she succeeded in her quest What if Gideon let the women go Sara would go back to London, to her earl of a brother and her ladies charity committees What would the convicted women go to Back to prison To be transported to Australia again Their fate might be better with the former pirates At least they would be free wives, not servants with a prison sentence Of course, some of them have husbands left in England, while others are transported with their young children what a horror that must ve been the author doesn t dwell on it, of course The theme of this book is a serious one, but the treatment it gets from the author is very cavalier, as if the prisoners concerns didn t matter As if only Sara mattered this arrogant, spoiled, and naive noblewoman And why did all the convicted women listen to her Why did they choose her as their spokeswoman Their interests are clearly at the opposite ends I like romances I read romances, especially regency romances I know they are not real, rather fairy tales set in the past, but at least most of them try to pretend to some level of historical accuracy Or to psychological truth This one, on the other hand, didn t agree with my worldview at all, nor with my senses of right and wrong This entire story felt like one big lie. Absolutely a fantastic read Sara Willis is the stepchild of Royalty and spends her time helping convicted women She convinces her brother Jordan to allow her to join them in disguise.As they sail, their ship is captured by the pirate Gideon, who has his own agenda and a past filled with hatred towards the English.What I adored The hero and heroine Such wonderfully written strong characters captivated me from start to end Strong secondary characters from Louisa to Ann, all were well written with glimpses into their life as intriguing as the main character Super hot love scenes Finally another historical author who does them well Atlantis Angst which was well justified Mysteries being revealed towards the end HEA and the beautiful epilogue The Pirate Lord was the perfect way to pop my SJ cherry I enjoyed everything about it.Safe I honestly wish 4.5 was a rating I want to give it a 5 but it had the oomph and feels missing Hence 4 4.5 5 Sara Willis was adopted by an earl when he married her mother and she grew up watching the latter speak her mind and stand up for the women s cause Makes sense that her daughter followed in her footsteps even if she s not alive any to see it Scandalized by the reasons why some women are arrested and imprisoned, Sara want a prison reform Even if it means risking her life and going against her step brother s wish, she s going to board the ship that transport the convicted women and their kids to New South Wales and pretend to be a school teacher so she can observe and report unacceptable behaviors But before the vessel can reach its destination, they re held hostage by a band of pirates The captain is none other than the Pirate Lord, famous for only targeting the ship of English nobility The man makes them an usual offer they rescue the women if they follow him and his men to an island they discovered and if they each choose a man of his crew to marry Gideon is about to discover that Sara is not like any woman he met before and the pretty troublemaker will not surrender easily Why would he wants her anyway, since she s an Englishwoman and he despise her kind Why can t she stop thinking about him and wanting him in a way that s not proper What a thrilling adventures this book was I liked it eventhe second time An original and different way to do an historical romance, this book remind me why Sabrina Jeffries is one of my favorite authors Away from the ballrooms and streets of London, we travel with the characters towards a new land, into an unknown life and where the women can finally have a chance to be heard How can you not love the heroine when she s ready to sacrifice her comfort to fight for other s rights How can you not fall for the hero who will listen to her and give the women opportunities and choices they never had before An inspiring heroine, a softy pirate, women who find they own path, a good dose of adventure, a little twist in the hero s past and an amazingly sweet and exciting romance make this book a keeper I didn t quite know what to expect from this book I must admit that I anticipated a swashbuckling adventure like those old Errol Flynn movies, but its storyline definitely leanedtowardsSeven Brides for Seven Brothers Not a bad thing because that s one of my all time favourite movies Captain Gideon Horn, the notorious Pirate Lord, and his crew of not such cutthroat pirates, are keen to settle down to a life of domestic bliss on an island paradise All they need now are wives Kidnapping a ship load of convict women headed for Australia seems to present the perfect solution Surely any sane woman would prefer to marry a reformed pirate rather than face a life of servitude in a penal colony However, Gideon hasn t bargained with crossing cutlasses with strong willed Sara Willis, the women s self appointed spokeswoman, who thwarts him at every turn.I like Sara because she s intelligent, courageous and compassionate, althoughthan a little stubborn She doesn t just pay lip service to being a social reformer because her actions reveal someone who really cares about those less fortunate than herself and someone who is willing to take positive action to help Throughout the book, her concern for the welfare of the women is obvious At one point, even Gideon admits that she fought for the women like any well gunned brig.Gideon is your typical alpha hero sexy, arrogant and determined to have things done his way Ms Jeffries hints at the tragic past that has left him with a hatred of the British nobility which colours his initial attitude towards Sara I like how he treats his crew firmly but fairly, and genuinely wants to build a good and solid future for himself and his men on their island paradise It s obvious that two such stubborn people will inevitably clash, and sparks fly as each of them attempts to get the upper hand in their often humourous confrontations Ms Jeffries manages to convey just the right amount of sexual tension and passion between Sara and Gideon and delivers some scrumptious kissing scenes.I love the assorted secondary characters and I especially liked the sweet relationship between Silas the ship s cook and Louisa one of the convict woman It is a delightful addition to the story but never overshadows the main romance I also like Sara s step brother, Jordan, who maybe overprotective but really cares about her My only real criticism is that the ending was tied up rather too neatly and predictably, but it didn t spoil my overall enjoyment of the book Gideon and Sara on the Satyr Tyrone Power and Maureen O Hara in The Black Swan 1942 VERDICT FUN, SEXY, BATTLE OF WILLS ROMANCERATING Reviewed for queuemyreview.com reprintAhoy there Sorry I just finished The Pirate Lord re release of the 1998 novel by Sabrina Jeffries and I m having a bit of a problem coming back to this reality There s just something about a man with a bandanna and an earring and maybe a parrot ooh, and a sword a really, really, BIG sword Ahem, excuse me It s that whole reality thing again So anyway, hot pirates ahead check out the new cover, mmmmmm, delicious And lots of humor and witty dialogue too From Ms Jeffries, not me Lady Sara is a reformer, and an impassioned one at that When she sets sail on a women s prison ship bound for New South Wales she only intends to teach the women and keep notes regarding their treatment When the ship is captured by pirates intent on making the women brides, Sara all but forces the pirate captain to take her as well She battles his dominance while he battles her sense of independence and they both battle the strong sexual desires each brings out in the other.Captain Gideon is a handsome, sexy, and very successful American pirate who hates British peers He and his crew are ready to retire to their own island and all they need are brides, and here s a whole ship full of women captives How very fortunate until Lady Sara takes charge of the women and begins filling their heads with demands First they need proper courting, then proper clothes, then proper homes, then does she not get the whole improper pirate thing I was surprised by just how hot this 1998 release was Ms Jeffries certainly pushed the boundaries then must be why I read it the first time back then But there s also muchto enjoy about this book I already mentioned the snappy dialogue earlier and the fact that there were so many characters, yet each was so vivid there wasn t a problem keeping up with them is another sign of a well written story There are secondary and tertiary romances going on well, it s a ship of women and pirates as well as a bit of a mystery regarding Gideon s heritage This book really does a bit of everything for everyone Anyway, if you re looking for a read with some swashbuckling humor and bawdy hot sex, you really can t go wrong with this reprint of The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries Now if you ll excuse me, I think I m going to head back to the other reality where I m captured rescued by a dashing, hot pirate looking for the woman of his dreams Oh, and yes, he has a really, really, really BIG sword