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Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyParanormal YA veteran Carrie Jones brings her romantic sensibilities and supernatural flare to a joint writing effort with horror scribe Steven E Wedel in the standalone novel AFTER OBSESSION, a sort of teen version of Paranormal Activity meets interracial love story Two authors means twice the talent and double the fun, right Sadly not in this case Carrie and Steven each created a character and took turns telling chapters from their POV Carrie s Aimee is a rather innocuous teenager whose most distinguishing characteristic is that she has red hair Steven s Alan is slightly interesting as a part Native American forced to relocate during his Junior year of high school Courtney is the link between these two She s Aimee s best friend and Alan s cousin who we learn is in the process of being possessed by a demon I can t really think of a less appropriate time to strike up a romance than when your friend cousin is well on her way to vomiting green soup or in this case oozing acne Aimee and Alan don t share my reticence and are sneaking away and sharing smoldering glances whenever they can Meanwhile most of the student body is erupting into fights and hurling vile insults Putrid odors permeate their houses, they see a shadowy man lurking in windows, and new information comes to light about the death of Aimee s mother.Alan has his spirit cougar to guide him and Aimee has ghostly messages from her mother There are also cryptic references to Spirit Warriors and Aimee s unexplained ability to heal by touching Unfortunately, nothing really works in AFTER OBSESSION The writing is expressive and the character of Alan had potential, but the story dragged and there were numerous plot holes The romance felt rushed and completely inappropriate given what they were dealing with I wanted so much to enjoy this book since I m a fan of Carrie s Need series, but I can t recommend this one.Sexual Content Kissing This was a really interesting book It was a really good storyline, but I wish that there was some way to explain the background of Alan I want to know about his dad ALANThere She Is The Dream Rushes Back To Me We Were Falling, Clutching At Each Other, With Twisting Darkness All Around Us The Girl Looks Up At Me And I Realize I Ve Stopped Walking And Am Staring At Her I See Something In Her Eyes, Something Like RecognitionMEEAnd In That Second I Know, Absolutely Know, That Something In My Life Has Changed Irrevocably This Is The Guy From My Dreams Right Here And We Are Going To Have To Do Something, Save Something, Together I Just Don T Know WhatGETHERAlan And Aimee Have Just Met, But Already They Are Bound To Each Other By Something They Can T Quite Name Something That Rattles The Windows, Haunts The Waters And Threatens To Tear Them Apart Before They Get A Chance To Find Out What Their Connection Means THE FAERIES VIEWI had really mixed feelings about reading After Obsession I won t hide the fact that I m haven t been big Carrie Jones fan in the past her Need series started with a BANG and went out with a whimper a major disappointment to me, to say the least BUT That is not why I m here Aimees best friend, Courtney is acting strangely and with the help of Alan, Courtneys cousin, who moves in to Courtneys house with his mother, he and Aimee come to the conclusion that she just might be possessed by the Riverman A legend in the town they live in, The evil Riverman is blamed for than a few deaths in the local river, Aimee s mother being one of them The river does have quite the history, mysterious happenings, sightings and deaths that just don t make sense With Alans Native American heritage and Aimee s powers they race to save Courtney from the grasp of the evil entity but is that what they re really fighting After Obsession is thrilling and haunting told in beautiful detail in a stunning setting the action starts quickly and keeps on going making this a page turner that s hard to put down Carrie Jones wrote the character of Aimee while Steve Wedel wrote the character of Alan I think they worked beautifully together and created a story that was very good with a creep factor of 5 Something about possession always gets to me I still cannot watch The Exorcist after the first time I watched it, let s just say I had nightmares for weeks and my older brothers were in BIG trouble for letting me watch it o Carrie has redeemed herself, in my eyes After Obsession rocked my world as only the The Three Stooges can do, it has really given me something great to talk about The two authors worked to form strong characters with actual voices that were easy to relate to Each chapter flowed beautifully and I can t help but admire the cohesive effect that Ms Jones and Mr Wedel employed to make this book a fantastic read I hope they get the chance to collaborate again THE FAERIE SAYS READ THIS BOOK Alrighty, sounds spine tingling right This was a day one book, at the BEA, first thing in the morning I ran across it and thought Exorcism of Emily Rose I m In So later that afternoon during the speed dating with YA and middle shool authors, when Carrie came to our table and talked about how her and Steven wrote this book in a month via email and had SO MUCH FUN, I was even sold.Now I tell you what an idiot I am Seriously Somehow I didn t realise that the Carrie Jones I met, and who s book I was excited about was the Carrie Jones who wrote Need Then I picked After Obsession off the shelf last week and started thumbing through it, and couldn t figure out what all the Praise for Need and Captivate was all about inside the cover my ARC does not say Bestselling Author of Need, obviously Honestly, it took me a good ten minutes to put two and two together, apparently it had been a long day.Since I was very luke warm about Need, when I read it last year, and could never be bothered to continue the series after hearing it held the status quo, I likely never would have read or picked up After Obsession if I hadn t been oddly confused or forgetful about who Carrie Jones was But it was in my hands, and I had lugged it home from NYC so I was going to give her one chance.Unfortunately, all the problems I had with Need, I had with After Obsession but so Oh god, I really disliked it A lot As in it was torturous to finish, and this is a little book I almost couldn t make myself and there was much, much groaning out loud If you re a Carrie Jones fan, turn away now, I m warning you.Problem number one Alan and Aimee have one of the most preposterous love affairs I ve read in awhile They fall all over each other almost instantly, know nothing about each other before they re proclaiming love and take courting to all new levels of stupid by officially meeting each others parents over a meal while in the middle of being pursued by a demon TWICE I mean seriously, you meet a hot guy but a demons trying to kill you both, are you really going to plan a night where he comes by for dinner and meets the fam Then when you find a dead guy are you really going to head over to the hotties house to meet his mom a few hours later Problem number two You can t take a caring single mom, who you re supposed to like, and then have her say hateful things about her son to his face and still like her, let alone buy she d say it in the first place Alan is half native and there is a lot of talk about how his mom doesn t like the traditions he s tryed to adopt to understand that half of his culture She goes so far to say he s playing at being native when she finds him meditating, burning incense and listening to Ojibwa chanting Unless Carrie and Steven want to give me a reason why his mom would take issue with him embracing Native customs, IE some sort of bad previous experience, it doesn t fit with the rest of her persona.Problem number three Exorcism should not be easy Come on people, with books and movies like the Exorcist and the Exorcism of Emily Rose you know the bar has been set pretty high for demons, exorcisms and scary So why try a fluffy version where its neatly wrapped up in a few chapters, there s no real damage outside of some furniture, and every one is A OK, 5 minutes later I wanted to read some seriously creepy words on the page to make up for all the sickening sweety lovey doveyness, and I was not rewarded.There were two characters I loved, Gramps and Aimees brother Benji, they were sweet, funny and had a wonderful side story going about a Marilyn Monroe shaped Cheeto they were selling on ebay Though I thought it was unnecessary for there to be a You know who Marilyn Monroe was right preface every time one of the teenagers talked about it Anywho, they missed their opportunity for a great and funny story when they decided that Gramps, Benji and the Cheeto should be a secondary side story I m just saying. I picked this book up at Barnes Noble I think in January and sadly it was sitting on the shelf until now I had read the first chapter and got distracted with another book so this one got left behind Now the other day I was just sitting on the couch thinking what am I going to read next and made myself pick it up and start reading I m happy to say I did it This book ended up being one of my favorites The story line is amazing and nothing like what I ve read before It s about possession but it also has some humor hidden in there I m a huge fan of the Need series by Carrie Jones so that s what attracted me to this book Why it took me so long to read is anybody s questionwhy did it Because this books plot and story is flawless I believe Carrie wrote for Aimee and Steven for Alan Which is pretty neat They go back and fourth for every chapterkinda cool right.It starts out really kinda weird, Aimee has these dreams about people she knows and she sees them dying, and you later find out she has the gift to heal Her only problem is shes scared to admit to herself that she has these powers, all because her mother had them and was killed in the river behind her house Aimee is a weak character at first, shes not confident, shes just kinda there in this town She also has this boyfriend named Blake whom slowly becomes this jerk and you know what happens thenA new kid named Alan moves into town to help his cousin and aunt keep their house , he sounds hunky and hes tall and half Navajo He s really close to his Indian side and you find out that he has a Spirit Guide I think that s what their called So he has dreams of important things and finds out Aimee is a part of something I have to say this because I don t know if I can stop myself from putting in any spoilers, so Read At Your Own Risk Him and Aimee get really close but not the whole omg kiss I kiss can t kiss live kiss without kiss you, kind of thing, since they never really become a couple they just know they like each other and know its not the time or place to start a relationship They both notice the town is in chaos and every one s anger is on the edge Also something weird is up with her best friend his cousin Courtney Shes been acting the weirdest and is lashing out for no reason and acting in ways she never would They come to realize shes being possessed by something they call The River Man They both know that they have something to do with trying to get rid of this demon but they are confused and don t know how.Now realize I m only giving you clues, if it sounds good so far then you should read it Because I can t describe this book in only a few paragraphs, there s so much depth in it and so much of a story Most books don t give you a lot of back story but this one did You pretty much knew everything about these characters and all their flaws I felt very connected to both of them, there are other people like Aimee s pap, brother and father You become familiar with her father but its not till like the end, and Alan s momI don t really like her because she seems to hate the fact that hes Navajo, So the connection is mostly between Aimee and Alan, but yea anywaysRead this book I give it 5 out of 5 stars Its kinda short but for a short book it carries a lot of story, there s not a dead moment is in this book Always something is happening and this book will forever be one of my favorites It had just enough humor, romance, creepiness, suspense, and thrill to keep you going I hope that there will eventually be book 2,and I can t wait to hear about Aimee and Alan. fell in love with this cover the first time I saw it, read the blurb which totally had me gagging to read it, but later made the connection that one of the authors, Carrie Jones was the same author that wrote the Need series, which I totally didn t connect with, so I had very mixed expectations about this one.This book came as a total shock to me It was totally original, fast paced, exciting and had just the right amount of totally cute romance to seal the deal The plot was so unique, we see a lot of books about demons around, but mainly these have a demon main character, or the love interest as a demon, this one is dealing with demonic possession, which gives a pretty creepy vibe throughout this book Not overly creepy as in can t sleep at night , creepy as in I m really absorbed into this book and the suspense is killing me which was perfect creep level for me.The characters are amazing I think maybe because they were written by different authors the voices were different, so you could really tell when Aimee was narrating and when Alan was While both author character s voices were strong, I think that Wedel really did stand out to me, Alan s voice was so charismatic and instantly likeable whereas I thought that Aimee s voice was unique and likeable but I didn t warm to her as much as I did Alan I loved the way their relationship developed though, slowly with attraction but not lust, it was cute romance, not a really passionate one.I didn t have many issues with this book, my main issue was that I wish that we d found out about how the demon possessed Courtney, I think this would have covered any plot holes and completed the book for me.Overall, After Obsession was a fast paced, chilling and thrilling read that has completely changed my opinion of Carrie Jones I would also like to point out that Steven E Wedel is definatley one to watch out for.Overall Rating A After Obsession reminds me a lot of Cryer s Cross same kind of deal the town is haunted by some mysterious being that possesses individuals and drives them insane The only difference is After Obsession is double the length and takes twice as long to get into I will admit that by the time I was halfway done I would have rather gouged my eyes out with a cafeteria spork that continue reading, but I pulled through, and I am way glad I did because after the shaky and slow beginning, I really began getting close to the characters, and hallelujah the action started to pick up.The subject matter, and how it has to do with missing people and dead people shrouded in mystery, is one of my favorites Not knowing how the book will turn out is something I really love, and with the story being so mysterious, it allows for plot holes, which I am not going to point out.Alan is one of my least favorite names in the world it sounds so 50s but his character was really awesome Aimee was also awesome, and a redhead Alan kept calling her Red which doesn t compare to Carrots, from Cynthia Hand s Unearthly books, but still made me go D awwwwww Their relationship was one of my favorite aspects of the book I am pretty sure it s a standalone, but I m going to bite my tongue You can never be too sure cough cough The Pledge cough.The summary of the book inside the flap is very vague, and that s good, because I read the Goodreads summary which told a lot it was kind of spoilery after I finished it, and if I would have read that before the book it would have ruined the book completely for me So, guys, don t read the goodreads summary if you plan on reading this One thing that didn t quite click until I had read the book was the title After Obsession What did that mean If you look at the back of the hardcover edition of the book, it has an explanation of what that title means Basically, there are four stages of possession Obsession is the third and possession is the fourth Therefore, if you look at the one that is AFTER OBSESSION, you get possession, which I think the book should ve been called.After Obsession is an action packed book, but beware the first half Don t lose yourself in the boringness I promise it ll be worth it. After Obsession Cool name.Unfortunately, I have no idea why it s the name of this book Um, after what obsession Can someone explain it to me I didn t notice anyone with an unnatural obsession in this book At all.Really I m not being snarky Feel free to leave a comment if you get it cause I sure didn t EDIT Several of you have responded to let me know what the hell After Obsession meant Thank you Evidently I missed it, but one of the stages of possession is referred to as Obsession.Ok Now that that s settled, let s get on with the review.I didn t find the fact that it was written by two authors distracting, but I also didn t find their voices to be very different from each other, either Sorry, but Alan sounded like he was written by a woman.I m just assuming that Steve Wedel was writing Alan, and Carrie Jones was doing Aimee s chapters Maybe I m wrong Probably not.It s one of those books that entertains you while you are reading it, but after you re done, you realize that it s kind of blah Lots of plot holes, insta love, and little bit of unexplained supernatural baddies Typical YA stuff Eh.I like Jones Need series, so I was hoping this would be better It wasn t.Yeah, it wasn t great Luckily, I m not a very discriminating reader, and to me being entertained counts for than actual substance The fact that I didn t notice the flaws until it was over, pushed this one up from 2.5 stars that it probably deserves to a solid 3 stars And that is why no one should ever pay attention to my reviews. I ll admit, I hadn t heard much about this book until it arrived from Bloomsbury to review Firstly, I was drawn to the cover of the book, its beautiful right Then secondly, the blurb sounded interesting enough and thirdly, I heard there was an awesome romance story involved too So what s not to like After Obsession is told from Aimee and Alan s point of view, alternating between the two characters The story centres on Alan s cousin being possessed by an evil spirit known as The River Man The River Man is responsible for many deaths over the years including Aimee s own mother Alan Aimee have no other choice but to try and stop The River Man before he hurts anyone else in there town I have to say, this was a freshing read because it s not your typical ghost story With it being about Possession there isn t really many avenue s to take but Carrie Jones S.E Wedel put their own twists on the story Both Alan and Aimee have something to offer that could help them defeat The River Man Aimee has inherited her mother s psychic ability and Alan being part Navajo, has his own spiritual ritual s that can help I have to say, I was interested in Alan, mainly because I haven t read that many books that deal with Navajo customs and traditions I was intrigued to read and I think the author s did a fantastic job showing us another culture I really enjoyed both of our main characters, who I think made a great couple The story was easy to follow and kept me interested throughout I did rate the story three out of five and even though I did enjoy the story, I just felt there was something missing but I just can t put my finger on it The last 10 chapters or so was where the real action started and the story comes together very nicely The ending of the book left me satisfied and overall, I was generally happy with everything I definitely think this is a book to be tried in 2011, I think it will be a massive hit in the paranormal romance genre and I think Carrie and S.E did a good job Thank you to Bloomsbury UK for giving me the opportunity to review this book.