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Once a century one person is chosen for greatnessElisa is the chosen one But she is also the younger of two princesses the one who has never done anything remarkable She can't see how she ever will Now on her sixteenth birthday she has become the secret wife of a handsome and worldly king—a king whose country is in turmoil A king who needs the chosen one not a failure of a princessAnd he's not the only one who seeks her Savage enemies seething with dark magic are hunting her A daring determined revolutionary thinks she could be his people's savior And he looks at her in a way that no man has ever looked at her before Soon it is not just her life but her very heart that is at stakeElisa could be everything to those who need her most If the prophecy is fulfilled If she finds the power deep within herself If she doesn’t die youngMost of the chosen do

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    If you caught even just a couple of my updates I think it would've been plainly obvious that I didn't enjoy this book It's disappointing really because I think Carson was attempting to create a heroine that many girls could relate to Elisa is overweight unsure of herself overshadowed by her prettier and skinnier sister and chosen for something she's not sure she's worthy of It sounds like the beginning of a compelling story but ultimately Elisa only proves her worthiness by changing everything about herself And walking A lotElisa is fat and likes to eat You will hear about the food she eats and the sweets she craves so often that you'll start to wonder if you're reading a thinly veiled advertisement instead or if this book was sponsored by the coconut or lamb industry This girl eats so many scones And when she's not eating she's thinking about her next meal or about what she had the day before Even after Elisa loses some weight and doesn't need to shove food down her gullet 247 to stave off headaches and fatigue the story still revolves around her meals I didn't need to know what she was eating every single day or how it was prepared or who prepared it or how it tasted really Cut out the food descriptions and this book would've been half as long I get it Elisa likes food and has a lovehate relationship with it Am I reading a fantasy story or the food diary of a girl with an eating disorder?After food a large amount of the story is spent on Elisa walking from point A to point B Sometimes with other people sometimes against her will sometimes alone So then all of that walking means fat Elisa becomes skinny Elisa and all of her problems start melting away along with the pounds; people think she can win their war boys fall in love with her girls want to be her best friend And the Godstone in her belly that she can now see without parting her breasts and moving her stomach fat out of the way wut starts to react to danger helping her elude her enemies Because God rewards you when you're not fatThere are also plot holes and really not a whole lot of plot to begin with and at one point a character remarks that they have no idea why the enemy is attacking The magic is incredibly underdeveloped and mostly relies on praying and hoping something will happen Generals guards and the King all look to Elisa for war counsel when all she had ever done was read this world's version of The Art of War The first person I'd look to for advice during war would definitely be a 16 year old girlElisa's hair brained schemes work because the author wants them to Everything is conveniently tied up with a neat little bow and there's not a single surprise In the end I was so unattached to any of the characters that I barely even blinked when someone died Elisa has a magic stone in her belly button she's good at memorizing stuff has blind faith in God and knows the best pastry recipes Those are her special powers Elisa is a boring character surrounded by other boring characters living out a boring story with food being a much developed entity than any of the people or the plot I will probably not continue with this series

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    Running in a 25k marathonIn 48 inch heelsIn the rainWith an STDWhile hungoverAnd getting passed by a 93 year old manWho’s wearing a very form fitting polyester purple leopard print body suitWould have been better than this book

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    Dude You guys Best YA high fantasy I’ve read in well a LONG time And one of the few 5 star ratings my stingy ass has handed out so far this yearI did the old “I’ll just read a couple of chapters before bed” nonsense andyeah Read it in one sitting The writing was engrossing the plot moved along at a decent pace and the characters were all layered and grewdeveloped throughout the story I also loved that the main character although still a chosen one trope character was not a cliched archetype She was described as fairly insecureNot all that prettyAnd as the book explicitly states I'm not just being a bitch here for once FAT Which was cool to see It's nice to have varied and realistic characters playing the hero character these days a character that used to be traditionally reserved solely for the perfect hot or hot but doesn't realize they are hot eye roll characterespecially as applied to female protagonists That saidI must say this I got a little nervous that I wasn't going to be able to finish this book And here's whyI've discussed this before in another review somewhere and I'm just too lazy to rehash it right now but I've struggled with an eating disorder since my early teens I have had it basically under control or as much as you can control such things since my mid late 20's but every now and then something can start to trigger old habits And boy did this book start triggering me like none other As I said the main character is fat And who cares Not me However there is almost constant mention of her eating and thinking about eating And not just eating but unhealthily bingeing and eating my feelings style eating Now for people who don't have eating disorders or know someone with one it can be very difficult to understand It seems silly and vain and should be solved with a simple Oh just eat something right?Not so muchOnce you get in that mental space it's very difficult to get out Like we are talking simple shit having the potential to trigger monthsyears of backsliding for me as lame as that sounds So lameSo silly SO legit But anyway I don't want to beat a dead horse here or bore you with bullshit Long story short The constant talk of eating here started to make me a little nervous and I could feel once dead mental baggage start to rear up a bit; but thankfully the story eventually moved forward from the constant mention of food etc The Author Notes at the end which I really enjoyed reading also delved into why exactly Carson made her MC the way she did as applied to weight and appearance and I really appreciated her commentary But anyway enough bullshit TMI no one cares about This is a great YA fantasy with a really great female MC and I would recommend it highly if you are interested in this genre

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    I feel torn about The Girl of Fire and ThornsOn the one hand there's not much room to accuse this book of being slow the action is constant zipping along from a bloody battle to a lusty encounter PG 13 of course to another dramatic reveal to a kidnapping Elisa's life spins off in a crazy new direction that starts with her marriage to a King of a nearby country in chapter one and the pacing never slows down after thatElisa is a 16 year old princess and was born the bearer of a Godstone a literal gift from God that rests in her navel Because of this Elisa must follow in the footsteps of other Godstone bearers and perform a special service to God Nobody knows what it will be In fact Elisa knows very little about her destiny and the lives of those who came before her Many secrets will be revealed as the story moves alongTo be honest though the action only barely masks an incredibly messy and ill conceived plot Despite being a very different kind of story I would compare it to books like Divergent and The Maze Runner in that it has lots of flashy action and fast pacing but underneath there lurks mediocre writing all tell and no show and flat characters separated into the beautiful and the unattractivefatElisa is characterized by her fatness Am I glad that authors are creating heroines that are not all skinny beautiful white girls? Of course I am But I feel like being fat and unattractive is the defining characteristic of Elisa It might make her different but alone it's not enough to make her interesting I recently read Sugar another book about an overweight girl and the protagonist's characterization is fascinating I understood her complex relationship with food her need to constantly eat and her self loathing when she did Elisa is so one dimensional in comparisonAlso I'm surprised many reviewers haven't pointed out how religious this is I don't know if Religious Fantasy is a sub genre but I find myself thinking it should be to accommodate Carson's book Religion and praying play huge roles in this story If you took the magical elements out I could almost see this as your standard Christian novelI recommend this with some hesitation and mainly to those who don't mind an action packed plot with little substance behind itBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    25 starsMy ARC has the old version of the cover and it is super pretty the blue tones of it are gorgeousI am glad the publishers changed it though At the very least this book will be spared accusations of whitewashing and weightwashing The heroine of this novel Princess Elisa of Orovalle describes herself as dark brown and also as a big bloated sausage and pig Clearly the cover doesn't uite match these adjectivesNow onto the novel itself 16 year old princess Elisa has a gift from God a magical stone Godstone that she bears in her navel As a Godstone bearer Elisa is fated to do a special Service for God an act of heroism What it is nobody knows especially not Elisa who considers herself a fat useless child The Princess gets a glimpse of her purpose when she first becomes a wife of the King of a neighboring country and later is kidnapped by local rebelsThe strongest points of The Girl of Fire and Thorns are its plotting and pacing The plot is engaging with some intriguing and trekking moving things along nicely and the concept revolving around Godstones and Godstones based magic is a uniue one Elisa is thrown from one adventure into another at a break neck pace The author manages to keep your attention on every page and gives no opportunity to get bored In its pacing this fantasy is very similar to DivergentAs for the rest this is the case when I wish some other author wrote this story There is just something very unripe maybe even pedestrian about how The Girl of Fire and Thorns is written It is plagued by rookie flawsFirst this novel is a perfect example of what happens when an author is incapable of adhering to the show not tell rule Everything I know about characters I know because Elisa told me I know that Elisa is fat but only because she repeatedly talked about herself like that I am fat as a pig I'll go get me some cake I know that her new husband is a coward because she told me so I know that Elisa is going through internal transformation because Elise told me one day she was fat and stupid and the next day she told me she felt different inside and ready to kill fight and lead a rebellion Nothing seems to be revealed in this story through dialog or actionsThen there is a case of romantic trope loving For instance Elisa is married to a stranger in the first chapter There is a wedding night the same evening and Elisa instantaneously feels she wants than a little kiss Of course it is a YA novel so nobody has any sex Let me add here I abhor when authors put their teen characters in situations where logically they would have to have sex but they don't due to some lame reason Like here it is a royal marriage surely it ought to be consummated Or like in Wither where the heroine is kidnapped for the sole purpose of being impregnated but somehow manages to avoid sex for a year while her husband has no problem sleeping with a 13 year old And another example Elisa is kidnapped and when she sees her kidnapper her first thoughts are I gasp for his face is only a handspan above mine I notice his eyes first huge and glimmering brown like polished bread nuts They are framed by hair than I've ever see on a boy I am sorry but aren't you supposed to be scared of your kidnapper? This is not a Harleuin romance is it?There are other things I could latch on to and rant about but they are of a personal nature and I think every reader will have to decide for himherself if it is worth ranting about These things are Elisa's fatness and how it is portrayed by the author IMO Elisa is the flattest fat person I have ever read about I have no clue why she overeats how she feels while overeating and if losing weight was what made her a superhero; and also if this novel should be categorized as Christian lit the whole story here is basically guided by God and Elisa is a devout believer and prays a lot Although you can argue that this is a fantasy novel so it can be any kind of deity not necessarily a Christian oneI would recommend The Girl of Fire and Thorns to those who like action driven books and can overlook deficiencies in character development For everyone else I say The Blue Sword and The ueen of Attolia are much better YA fantasy offeringsAs for me while I somewhat enjoyed The Girl of Fire and Thorns's plot the lack of swoony teen love or good dialog and a Mary Sue like main character who succeeds at everything she does becomes a super duper warrior ueen literally overnight and is loved by everyone will probably stop me from continuing on with this trilogy

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    “And God raised up for Himself a champion Yea once in every four generations He raised him up to bear His mark” What better way to take a break from stupid reality things like essays and demanding classes than a YA fantasy book about war prophecy an unlikely heroine and mouth watering food? Ladies and gentlemen I am pleasantly surprised “Lucero Elisa Heavenly light chosen of God His words suffocate me as surely as his embrace All my life I've been reminded that I am destined for service” Destined for service she has yet to discover chosen for an unknown task that will affect her entire world princess Elisa is trapped in a prison of expectation and ignorance When she is forced to marry a king she has never met in order to forge a military alliance she realizes that being solitary and secluded is not an option any that she needs to use her wit to survive in a court full of rivals and save her people from an enemy who has the resources to destroy them and herself For it is the Godstone she bears in her belly the mark of God that everyone is craving that might determine the outcome of the war “I loved and lost and survived” Rae Carson narrated a different story The story of a girl who was suffocating under the pressure of being God's chosen one who had to overcome her insecurities and everybody's mocking and stand up for herself and the ones who needed her The Girl of Fire and Thorns was a coming of age tale that depicted in a realistic relatable way the struggles of a teenager who ate too much and was not the epitome of beauty or grace who at first was self centered and isolated by choice and had to face the real world in order to grow up become responsible and love herself despite her flaws Elisa's transformation was astonishing and Rae's message was plain and simple first accept yourself and then the others will accept you All the beauty in the world does not matter if you are rotten inside if you don't use your brain if your soul isn't kindThe world building and the magic system were painted with bright colours the religion and each culture unfolded naturally and I absolutely loved the court schemings and the war strategies There was adventure intrigue and sorcery and plans that didn't work out that made my heartbeat unsteady and I am pretty sure the next books will be even gripping The only thing I didn't enjoy was the romance Yeah I can hear your jaw dropping I found it forced it lacked of connection and the love interest was rather indifferent I would be grateful if the next books focused on enigmatic Lord Hector who picked my interest even though I hate moustachesThe Girl of Fire and Thorns is the first instalment of very promising series about war destiny religion and magic with many interesting characters and an entrancing plotline I absolutely recommend it

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    15 stars All in all incredibly underwhelming and somewhat both idiotic and infuriating Trust me I would love to tell you that my distaste only revolves around personal matters as a strong case of it's not the book but me let's say but in all honesty I really don't think that and the problems I had with The Girl of Fire and Thorns were way too numerous to be left ignored You must not lose faith child No matter what Do not doubt God or his choosing of you He knows infinitely than we can imagine The Girl of Fire and Thorns can be considered as fast paced if you don't mind following characters you don't care about ← I do mind You know what I also mind? When uantity prevails over uality Hé sure I cannot deny how action packed the story is but I'd rather read about few in depth plot points than a succession of superficial twists because you know what? Wandering around even in an active fashion is plain boring all the same Had the characters stand still for than 5 pages perhaps I would have been able to start feeling something Sadly I didn'tMany of my friends loved this book and because I am naturally trustful alright maybe not I kept reading when I wanted to DNF the hell out of it around 40% Did it pay off? Huh not really Although the plot does pick up in the last 30% the way events take place stays way too convenient and simple for my liking Not to mention that the writing was terrible and by that I don't mean grammatical mistakes there are none that I noticed No I mean that everything was told to me and never ever shownTrue story My favorite character is a 5 years old boy whose appearance doesn't last than 5 pages Huh oh I may have a problem here Truth be told none of these characters were rage inducing Nah They were too busy wandering around bland and flat as fuck First of all I'm not sure how Elisa avoided to be called on her Mary Sue status Is it because she's fat and YA books tend to consider overweight as a synonym of ugly? The girl is God chosen for crying out loud Oh she tells us that she's useless but then she tells us so many things I LOST COUNT Really though? She gives war advices that get everyone happy does wonders with children she even spreads martyr vibes at some point but on that aspect she improves woot I didn't hate Elisa because I didn't care enough to do so but it doesn't mean that I liked the way her characterization was handled In my opinion she conveys a disturbing and infuriating portray of overweight Look at first I was really happy to finally see a YA heroine who isn't strikingly beautiful skinny and white So much wasted potential unfortunately A book isn't body positive when the MC's growth is linked to her lost of weight and when fatness is only seen in a negative light God forbid that a fat girl be beautiful yes there is a pun in there You gotta love pig metaphors really as if I am a juicy pig roast garnished with pepper sauce Seriously What's up with that? Did I miss a memo? Is it considered as normal and healthy that an overweight MC one of the only ones I met in YA constantly self depreciates herself? Is repeating all over again that she isn't worthy and beautiful because she's not thin serves some purpose I somehow didn't grasp? Does she ever realize that her weight past and present doesn't begin to define who she is? No and really how could she when the plot never lets any room for that? I do realize that self loathing can be linked to appearances especially during the teenage years I just wish that this important issue had been dealt with complexity and depth because as it is I cannot condone it Then come the male leads Oh my GOSH what is it with these guys? Who the fuck is Lord Hector? His entire characterization is built around the twisting of his moustache I KID YOU NOT I won't bother talking about the weak husband view spoiler who doesn't care for telling people they're married and somehow keeps his mistress who's thin and beautiful of course hide spoiler

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    Truly honorable death the only honorable death is one that enables life I enjoyed reading this book but not in the way I expected The characters were very realistic and the concept of the Godstone was very uniue The story moves at a good pace and I look forward to seeing where Rae Carson takes this story This book in my opinion had enough potential to be left as a standalone but there are 2 books and I am genuinely interested in seeing how our protagonist grows into the position she reaches at the end of the book There was definitely a lot growth in the protagonist’s personality but the growth was not unrealistically fast or like an epiphany to think differently the arc in her personality was fitting because of the hardships she endures which led her to grow as a person Once I finished the book I thought back on how our protagonist was thinking about herself and the people around her in the first uarter of the book and the maturity and understanding in her actions and thoughts at the end of the book was miraculous Our protagonist Elisa is the bearer of a Godstone a bearer is chosen once in every century and they are believed to be destined to a litre of service It's Elisa’s sixteenth birthday which also happens to be the day she is to wed King Alejandro She believes marrying him and completing this ‘peace treaty’ she was never told about is her act of service She is very mistaken Turns out the people who told her everything she knows about the Godstone were holding out on her There is so much she has yet to learn about her role as the bearer and the responsibilities that come along with it There are people out there who want the Godstone from her and they will stop at nothing to take it from herElisa is the bearer of the Godstone and in that she is blessed but in every other aspect of her life she believes she remains unimportant Her sister Alodia has always been the favored one she is the heir to the throne and deals with all the political aspects of her kingdom along with their father But in the first chapter it is clear that than anything Elisa vies for her sister’s competence grace and beauty She is clearly jealous of her sister and in her jealousy she assumes her sister hates her Watching her become her own person growing to her full potential is very interesting She sees past her jealousy of her sister and realises her love for her and accepts it I enjoyed watching her find people she can trust and making friendsin very unlikely circumstances mind you She realizes her true purpose and finds meaning in her life which also paves a path for her to self acceptance I look forward to reading books by Rae Carson and I rate this one 4 stars

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    DEAR EVERYBODY YOU NEED TO READ THIS Seriously what Rae Carson does with this book is brilliant and extremely refreshing Everything is so honest and genuine and I loved every moment of it

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    I don't knowI liked some parts of it but it was weirddraggy preachy in parts too Guess I'll settle on 3 stars?First off the whole stone in the belly button thing was sort of strange eventually when she tried to dig it out off putting for meI justewwwwNow supposedly she was given the stone by God to help her do something special but the records of the previous Stone Bearers seemed sketchy at best Some of them accomplished something some of them died young and most of them faded into obscurity SoWhat's the deal with the friggin stone?Like most things that God gives there aren't any instructions that come with it If something good happens it's because God andor the stone heard her prayers and if something bad happens it was because it furthered God andor the stone's greater plan coughbullshitcoughIt's just very hard for me to get behind that way of thinking so this may be a series suited to someone with faith in hisher religionAs far as the Big Showdown at the end?WTF?view spoiler Did she actually save everyone with a spinning flower pendant attached to her navel? hide spoiler