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Chelsea James And Katie O Roark Met At Jenny House And Spent A Wonderful Summer TogetherNow Chelsea And Her Mother Are Staying With Katie As Chelsea Awaits News Concerning A Heart Transplant While Waiting For A Compatible Donor, Chelsea Meets Jillian, A Girl Who S Funny And Kind Jillian Is Also Waiting She Needs A Heart Lung Transplant The Two Girls Become Fast Friends When Chelsea Meets Jillian S Brother, He Awakens Feelings In Chelsea She S Never Known Before However, As Her Medical Situation Grows Desperate, Chelsea Finds Herself In A Contest For Her Life Against Her Very Best FriendIs It Fair That There S Only A Chance For One Of Them To Survive

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    I read this book a very long time ago and enjoyed it very much.

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    My Actual Rating 3.0 I liked this book alright Chelsea is really mature for her age but I found her story a tad bit boring Thankfully we got to mean Jillian and she helped move this book along I loved the bond between Chelsea Jillian and how much they wanted the other to get the transplant when it came time It s shocking that so many people are waiting for organs and so few people are donating them These transplant books have made me start expressing to my loved ones my desire to donate my organs if possible.I will admit during this book I started to get bored with this series They re not necessarily all the same but I am definitely able to predict certain things based on the authors writing style.I loved the ending view spoiler The video from Jillian was the perfect thing for Chelsea to receive She really needed it to give her that boost of motivation to live To fight and make it with her new heart I wonder if Chelsea DJ will keep in touch and possibly even fall in love hide spoiler

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    I think that this book is a very life changing book because of its realistic feel the book will catch your eye for those who are interested in books like this if you are in a situtation where you think life is to precious to live read this book the story starts off with 3 girls named chealse,kate and jullian witch are all a waiting to get a transplant for either a heart,lung or both all of the girls are to have to face the fact that one of them might not get a heart transplante as the story goes on they become friends and eventurally grt the transplant they need the moroles of this story i think is to tell people not to take life for granted.

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    This book was the saddest book I think that i could ever read It was very heart wrenching The story about how a young girl fights for her life that she has barely got to live And another young girl who is a twin but she is sick and her sibling is not and she needs two different organs Those two girls end up meeting and they both need a new heart The question is who is gonna get the heart in the end and who isn t I didn t like the ending i just didn t feel it should have ended that way My favorite quote from this book was She died too young.

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    Too much about Katie and John and not enough about Jillian and Chelsea Josh just annoyed me through this book Like he couldn t accept that he isn t Katie s whole life Seems like the kind of guy who could get obsessive easily Not usual for this series Also, I wasn t all that attached to Jillian like I was with the girls in the past.Didn t like too much.

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    A story about a heart that can only go to one .and the friends who both need it one will live the other will die What emotions go with this trauma This was a good book but I thought that it was not threshed out enough I would have liked to know if anything ever developed between Chelsea and the Texas girl s brother.all in all a sad, but good book .not a fun read, but a nice one.

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    This book was a pretty good one It was sad when only Chelsea got the heart transplant and her friend Jillian ended up dying Chelsea s friend Katie had the same surgery before so she was right by her side My favorite part was when Chelsea, Jillian and Katie and their other friend go to the Jenny House The Jenny House is where Chelsea and Katie met This was one of the best books by Lurlene McDaniel.

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    This book was a really good book about some familiar One Last Wish characters Katie and Chelsea are anxious waiting for Chelsea to have a new heart But then Chelsea meets Jillian, a rich Texan girl waiting for a heart lung transplant Both girls are in bad condition when someone who can donate dies Who will get the heart

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    This was a very good book It was sad when chelshea only got the heart transplant and not jillian And Jillian was left to die with no heart transplant But I thought it was cool how Jilliam and chelsea met but you will have to read this book to find out how and why chelsea only got the heart transplant It is a very good and short book.

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    I really love this story It s a really interesting idea and I learned a lot about terminal illnesses The narrative voice is believable and I felt like I really got to know the girls and care about them I ve read this book many times and I always enjoy it.