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Indulging my inner child.Wonder has a snip on her nose, not a blaze This cover is wrong Minutely, but wrong LOL I think I would have enjoyed this book a lot when I was a child Because, obviously, that s the age range it s appealing to I was horse mad and devoured everything with a pony on the cover.The best thing about this book is probably the wish fulfilment angle I reckon a lot of young horse crazy girls would love the idea of living in Ashleigh s shoes and raising their very own filly.I love Wonder I ve always loved the way Joanna Campbell writes about horses Sometimes it s not very realistic the horses understand things way too much but it s a nice story to read because you want to believe that horses are smarter than they really are They re not anthropomorphised, but they re given way too much credit It s a fantasy that I welcome.Ashleigh s a realistic character as well She s not perfect She struggles to balance her school life with her horsey responsibilities Her grades fall and her health suffers as she concentrated on Wonder.I d almost go so far as to say that I wish this book was longer, but it s a children s book so I won t.I want to track down all the books in the series up to number 23 afterwards it s a whole cast change Wish me luck This may have been the one book that started my horse obsession As a young teen, the library became my favorite place to go I found this book by accident, and the rest is history I read the first three in the series and was forced to stop because it was all the library had One day while I was in there, the librarian pointed out an entire box full of the series, left by a Mom whose daughter grew out of the horse stage I read the entire series in just a few weeks and bought as many as I could after that That was back when books were only around 7.99 a piece These books bring me back to summertime when I was younger, sitting outside with a glass of water and my horse books I wish I could go back for just one day Joanna Campbell definitely wrote some of best horse books out there I recommend these to any horse crazy girl out there. Amazing Book, A Horse Called Wonder Thoroughbred, 1 Author Joanna Campbell This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book A Horse Called Wonder Thoroughbred, 1 , Essay By Joanna Campbell Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Good book Not like GREAT BOOK It s a little slow at first, then as you get toward the middle, you can t put it down Actually, the whole series is like that I m now reading the 6th one, and is soooooo good. Oh this book I LOVED this entire series when I was around 7 or 8 eight years old, and I continued reading them until I was about 11 or 12 it was up to 50 something by then, I think I don t have my copies any but I am tempted to buy the first few again just for sentimental reasons This book and the next two or three about Ashleigh and Wonder are probably still the best of the bunch, but the whole series is pretty cute I ve ridden all my life hunter jumper for the past ten years and while this is mostly racing, it s still great fun for a horse crazy young girl. This book was about Ashleigh Griffen, a young girl who just moved from her old family stable, Edgarwood, to a much larger racehorse stable called Townsend Acres Her family had been breeding Thoroughbred horses for racing when a horrible disease went though the horses and killed many Now the family is hoping for a new start by becoming breeding managers at Townsend Acres.Ashleigh is unhappy about moving until she discovers Wonder, a small, sickly filly expected to die Ashleigh fights to take care of the little filly, helping her recover and gain strength She comes to love the gorgeous filly and names her Ashleigh s Wonder.During the entire book she fights for her right to care for the filly and endures sickness, pain and doubt She has to convince Mr.Townsend that Wonder is worth it.I really liked this book because it was about horses. Happy sighs One of my favourite series as a middle grade reader I ve got to re read it as an adult to see how it compares.But I remember it as being a wholesome book about a girl caring for her horse with a love of her sport There s some sad bits but nothing that shocked my young, impressionable self Awesome series for emotional children. I liked this a lot the first time I read it as a youngster, but it suffers on re readings Particularly as an adult I know it s aimed at kids, but the best in children s literature is usually enjoyable for adults as well I thought it was notgreat It was just okay.The writing is simplistic, as one would expect from a kids book I might go so far as to say too much so, like the author doesn t expect children to be able to understand words longer than five letters, or complex sentence structures I don t know I m not an expert at children, I m not really sure what they would and wouldn t understand, but I think most kids in the age demographic this book is going for would find this an easy read.The story is very simple but good A girl loves a pretty little filly, but it s born very sick and she has to nurse it back to health, and then after it gets better, she has to convince the filly s owner to keep her A simple but admirable struggle, and a good look at the love that can grow between a pet and a child Ashleigh doesn t help the filly all by herself, she has adult aid, so that s fairly realistic Also realistic is the fact that Ashleigh s grades suffer while she pays all of her attention to Wonder.Ashleigh herself is supposed to be the every girl , I guess, so that any horse crazy girl can identify with her I didn t really identify with her as a kid, and as an adult I found her overly dramatic and slightly annoying Still, she s relatively harmless as protagonists go.All in all, I think this is a pretty harmless book series, but your kid could probably be reading something better, and adults might as well not even bother. Absolutely loved this series as a kid This might be the very first series aside from Dr Seuss obviously as a kid that REALLY got me into reading I have loved horses ever since I could say the word, and this just wrapped everything I loved in a wonderful story You would always see me with a book in my hand If I got grounded I was a good kid I swear no problem Give me a book and I m good for hours I guess this series just holds a special place in my heart because of it introducing me into the wonderful world of books When I outgrew these books because I read them a bazillion times, I wanted to donate them so another girl could enjoy the worn down books like I did I literally cried when I gave them away I hope the next girl loved them too. A Horse Called Wonder is a real trip down memory lane I had this whole series as a kid when my grandparent s neighbours went to university and gave me their downsized book collection , and for a relatively small middle grade novel, it s actually aged well and still holds up as a decent story The main character is still grieving the loss of her beloved horse but learns to appreciate another as she befriends Wonder Wonder might be sick but with determination Ashleigh is able to help him and rekindle her love of animals I m not really much of an animal person myself but I still liked this book and the beautifully depicted rural scenery especially.