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Amanda Jane Ross Is Certainly Becoming A World Traveler She S Found Herself In Spain On Vacation With Her Friend Leah And Her Parents Strangely, She S Encountered A Mysterious Young Girl Who Looks Eerily Like The Girl In A Famous Painting In The Museum In Madrid Even Stranger Is That This Girl Keeps Showing Up Wherever Amanda Finds Herself Madrid, The Remote Mountains Of Rural Spain, The Beaches On The Mediterranean Sea And In The Big City Of Barcelona Amanda Wants To Help This Girl, But Leah Is Scared To Do Too Much Given The Fact That They Ve Just Found Out That A Mean Horse Dealer Is Trying To Get To This Girl And Her Beautiful PonyCome With Amanda As She Tries To Unravel The Mystery Behind This Sweet Young Girl And Her Beloved Pony As They Trek Across Spain

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    Twelve year old Amanda Ross from Canada sets off on a wonderful adventure in Spain with her friend Leah It all begins when Amanda sees a girl in a painting, one of the figures in Velasquez s masterpiece, Las Meninas, at the Prado She is mesmerized As she travels, the girl in the painting seems to reappear wherever she is is it a ghost or a real person The mystery unfolds as Amanda and Leah discover Spain This was a wonderful story Ms Foster s imagery brought Spain to life You could feel the heat, see the sun glinting off the buildings and the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean I thought of Amanda as a modern Anne of Green Gables with a life a bit exciting than Anne Shirley s Amanda is a precocious girl with sass and smarts Leah is the BFF who is cool and sophisticated the girl at school everyone wanted to be friends with, but a girl who gets hooked in the mystery and adventure and stays by her friend s side The story moves at a quick pace and keeps your attention Ms Foster knows her audience and doesn t talk down to her young readers The dialogue is realistic as are the characters If you re looking for a good summer read for your tween, this is it A seriously fun read and highly recommended.

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    After just finishing Darlene Foster s Amanda in Spain , my first thought is, Oooo Are we really going to England next And I cannot wait to go there with Amanda She is such a likeable and intriguing girl Her sense of adventure, desire to learn and her eagerness to help others are wonderful characteristics that make me want to follow along in her adventures It was nice to learn a little about Amanda and Leah s parents as it adds to their own character development Amanda in Spain is a great adventure that had just the right amount of everything beautiful descriptions that put you in the moment, mystery that left you wondering who what how and above all else, friendship It is amazing what Amanda and Leah go through together And through thick or thin, they stand by one another and, in this adventure, fight until the end Their dialogue at the end recounting events past was superb Just like listening to the neighbourhood children talk about this and that Well done, Darlene I am very much looking forward to Amanda s next adventure.

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    This was emailed to me by an eight year old reader I really enjoyed this book I like books which have a mystery plot to them and this book really caught my attention I read it all in one go The story kept me guessing until the end In some parts the reader is held in suspense while in other times you can almost guess what s going to happen so I had to read on to find out if I d got it right or not My favourite character was Dona because she is a Spanish performer and I like performing as well I like books in which I can relate to characters that are around about my age I enjoy books that are set in different countries, as I like geography andfinding out about places I especially liked the detail of the settings This book was so fantastic, I was really engaged Thank you, From Catrin

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    Amanda Ross from Canada is invited by her British friend Leah and Leah s parents on a trip through Spain Amanda loves to travel She is an enthusiastic, spunky, and curious young girl, always eager to learn and explore And it is precisely her curiosity and her desire to figure things out that often get her into trouble A painting in a museum of a beautiful, mysterious young girl, a modern real life version of the girl, a stolen pony, and a few mean looking men and the relaxing days at the beach Leah was looking forward to, turn into a turbulent and potentially dangerous detective story for the two friends.AMANDA IN SPAIN is a book for the young and the young at heart Vivid descriptions of the country and its customs, humorous details, and enough tension that keeps you turning the page, make this a very enjoyable reading I look forward to Amanda s next adventure

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    Amanda in Spain The Girl in the Paintingby Darlene Foster104 pages ages 8 Published by ireadiwrite Publishing on May 4, 2011Amanda is on another adventure see my review of Amanda in Arabia The Perfume Flask HERE This time Amanda is in Spain with her friend, Leah and Leah s family In the beginning of the story they are all visiting a museum Amanda sees a painting of a girl and she thinks the girl looks so very real Later, Amanda actually sees the girl from the painting Everywhere Amanda goes she sees the girl and Amanda realizes that she needs help Amanda and Leah now get involved in a big rescue mission to help save the girl and her little pony from a mean horse dealer.I really liked the first Amanda book Amanda in Arabia , and this book was just as awesome The plot is very good and Amanda is a character everyone will like I like how I learned a lot about Spain in this book because of the places Amanda goes and the people she meets I hope I get to go to Spain someday The cover is pretty cool too I like the photos.The story is a great adventure and I think boys and girls would like it I think this is a great book and a clean read except for a couple OMG s s in it I recommend this book to kids 8