eBook Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld Ñ Where Did Dinosaurs Come From? MOBI ´ Where Did Ñ

Stegosaurus had spikes along its back Triceratops had long sharp horns Tyrannosaurus rex was enormous Millions and millions of years before the first people lived these fascinating creatures ruled the Earth To find out where they came from you have to look way back in time 35 billion years ago Come explore the biggest mystery of all Where did dinosaurs come from? Read and find out

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    A children's book that explores where dinosaurs came from The book focuses mostly on evolution throughout time and how it played a role in the lives of dinosaursThis would be useful in the classroom when doing a lesson of dinosaurs how they got here and where they went

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    Call me naive I thought this book would provide multiple answers to this uestion Instead it explores evolution as the only answer

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    this book puts dinosaurs into perspective when dinosaurs appeared in the history of the earth and what came before them Good