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Freaky Facts weird stuff Freaky Facts Strange Signs Great Google Gimmicks Playful Puzzles There are less grains of sand in the world than stars in the sky tons of gold are used to make wedding rings in the United States every year A chameleon can change color in as fast as seconds A sneeze can travel miles per hour There are seconds in a year An average office desk Freaky Facts About Conspiracy Theories Freaky Facts About Conspiracy Theories Shannon Quinn The political scientist Michael Barkun once claimed that the fundamental logic of conspiracy theories is reliant on one thing the person or persons who share the theory have to believe that world is governed by design That is according to Barkun conspiracy theorists tend to believe that everything happens for a Freaky Facts YouTube This channel contains many entertaining useful factsart works and movie informations Freaky Facts About American Horror Story | So for those of you out there who are terrified of normal people here are freaky facts about American Horror Story for you “Normal People Scare Me” The font in the opening credits which has since become synonymous with the show and is plastered on t shirts everywhere that say “Normal People Scare Me” is a variation of the font Charles Rennie Mackintosh This font was Top Freaky Facts About Fungus Owlcation Top Freaky Facts About Fungus Author Jana Louise Smit Jana loves compiling and sharing lists about the natural world science and history The Real Danger Of Sock Spores A case from China illustrated beautifully why nobody should sniff their socks A man only identified as Peng developed a strange habit Every day after coming home from work he Freaky Facts About Halloween Savage Facts Freaky Facts About Halloween September August by Suvigya Year long from kids to adults everyone waits for Halloween It declares the onset of winter and gives us a reason to dress in spooky and creative outfits For kids Halloween is all about trick or treat and halloween costumes but there are several reasons why this festival is so loved Check out some freaky facts Freaky Facts about The Rocky Horror Picture Freaky Facts about The Rocky Horror Picture Show by Tilly M Wadsworth Wednesday October Rocky Horror turns this year and to celebrate FOX is releasing a reinvented version using the same script but creating its own unique visual style The date for release is the th of October just in time for Halloween our full opinion of this is after the facts so if Freaky Facts about Halloween You Probably Here are ten freaky facts about Halloween Advertisements There have been several cases of people ignoring actual dead bodies because they mistook them for Halloween decorations Image source In October in Marina del Rey California a year old man committed suicide by shooting himself in the head His body was visible to neighbors as it was slumped Things You Probably Didn't Know About Freaky Friday was Lindsay Lohan's second movie released in theatres after The Parent Trap in The character of Anna was originally written as a Incredible Facts About Pirates That Are To learn about these mysterious criminals read on for surprising facts about pirates that are totally true The stereotypical pirate accent was invented by Disney Shutterstock September th marks the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day But the truth is pirates didn't actually have a uniform accent Many of the phrases we associate with them today actually originated