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BBC Learning English Minute English What to make someone excited and enthusiastic about something Transcript Note This is not a word for word transcript Neil Hello I'm Neil Welcome to Minute English where we like to share BBC Learning English Minute English What This is Chibatman named after the city of Chiba where he comes from His mission his purpose is to make the people of the city happy Finn That's a worthwhile mission Rob It is Chibatman What Makes a Murderer All What Makes a Murderer Home Episodes Play Episode Britain's longest serving murderer John Massey submits himself to a ground breaking What makes a company successful Ideas One key component in what makes a successful business is the financial records Businesses need a very clear idea of how much they make and spend Keeping track of finances helps businesses spot good patterns and possible financial dangers When businesses know their finances they can choose to make investments pursue innovations or pay for new equipment What Makes a Woman Attractive? Traits that Make an effort with people their friends their family Also make an effort when you go out go on dates and so on Making an effort sometimes makes all the difference Be complimentary Everyone likes a compliment The you compliment someone the they will like you and think you are attractive—just don’t go overboard Otherwise you come across as a bit fake Ways to make What Makes a Hero? | HuffPost What Makes a Hero? am ET Updated Sep Most people would be than a little reluctant to declare themselves heroes We're happy to apply the term to Superman and Batman hobbits and Hogwarts attendees even to regular people who do extraordinary things Firefighters brain surgeons inventors nurses and teachers who help severely disabled people What Makes A Woman Sexy? AskMen I am all about being egalitarian especially when it comes to defining what makes something sexy in a gender I had previously written about how what makes someone attractive or How can you measure what makes a country What Makes a Good Villain? Here's Your Item Nothing makes your hero heroic than a worthy opponent So don’t shortchange your villain Spend every bit as much time crafting him as you do your lead character if you want your story to work Though I will use male pronouns throughout this applies equally if your main character is a heroine or your villain is female What makes a project manager successful? What makes the best project managers the best? The first part of this paper was presented at PMI ' to standing room only crowds and an encore presentation Now come join an insightful surprising and hopefully a humorous look at the second installment of this year research project on what it takes to be a successful project manager