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Will Be Earth S Final Year Unless The Voyage Of Space Battleship Yamato Can Succeed The Alien Gamilas Have Devastated The Biosphere, Determined To Reshape Our Planet Into Their Own New Home But A Third Force Has Intervened, As An Emissary From The Distant Iscandar Has Given Humanity The Plans For A Faster Than Light Drive If The Yamato Can Battle Its Way Through The Gamilas Fleet To Reach Iscandar, Their Technology Can Heal The Earth But The Odds Against Us Are Literally AstronomicalThe Classic Anime TV Series Space Battleship Yamato Became A Fan Phenomenon In North America Under The Title Star Blazers Now The Epic Tale Of A Legendary WWII Battleship Retrofitted As A Spacecraft On A Mission To Save Earth Has Been Remade By The Generation Of Japanese Creators That Grew Up Inspired By It With Staff Including Yutaka Izubuchi Cowboy Bebop The Movie , Nobuteru Yuki Kids On The Slope , And Hideaki Anno Evangelion

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    Practically perfect in every way