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Incredible illustrations Timely story Couldn t put it down Can t wait for next volume It S Just An Everyday Apocalypse Three Years Ago The Aliens Invaded Tokyo Nothing Was Ever The Same Again But After A While, Even Impending Doom Starts To Feel Ordinary The Japanese Self Defense Forces Are Still Looking For A Way To Combat The Looming Alien Threat Three Years After The Invasion, But So Far Conventional Weapons Have Had No Effect On The Mothership Maybe It S Time To Try Something Unconventional Meanwhile, Kadode Koyama Is In High School She And Her Best Friend Avidly Track The Aliens Movements On Social Media And Less Enthusiastically Study For College Entrance Exams When The End Of The World Is Overhead, You Learn To Take Things One Step At A Time I m a big fan of DeDeDe and every other one of Asano s works, as I have been following him avidly since 2011 I ve learned Japanese in the course of the years I ve known his work, and now I am able to compare translations to their original source material I m sorry, VIZ, but the translation on this is not all too great Please stop butchering my favorite mangaka s works Inio is a little upset with otaku Punpun killed a magazine, because people just want to read happy stories about cute girls So here s a happy story about cute girls Except he literally Independence Day s Tokyo Big Sight the location of Comiket every year , because he s a little upset with otaku.I m not sure if this entire thing is passive aggressive, but it s fantastic. Kinda fresh off Punpun and craved Inio Asano Dead Dead Demon has the potential to be something really profound I found this to be a really strong start for the series, that has that same sort of slow buildup of Asano s with a peculiar development at the end of the volume No spoils, of course I m sensing the story will be a little lighthearted and funnier than Punpun only because Asano seems to be setting a different tone here, and the art style seems to be a little cartoon y What I really love about his work is that every character is distinct in appearance never uniform, multifaceted with unusual quirks and mannerisms I think this is showcased really well here, and we already have a particularly endearing protagonist in Kadode and hilarious companion in Ontan.