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First I watched the series before I started reading the manga I m actually up to date on the manga This volume is beautiful in displaying the fights and starts the character development for one of my favorite characters There are some funny and teary eye moments Bakugo is still a first class arse but his drive and know how as well as his decided path is interesting and brings depth to him Deku is still Deku Anime v Manga All Night s predessor is a woman in the anime but in the mana it s a he More side battles are shown in the anime than the manga. I started watching the anime on CrunchyRoll Then I started to be impatient After Google ing the chapter equivalent of the episode I was on in the anime, I picked up the correct volume to get on the manga I am so happy i did The anime is truly living up to the manga. Okay, I have to be completely honest here So far this is my favorite volume of this series Every frustration and tension that had been building up in the previous volume is finally unleashed in this one The climax is perfectly executed, not taking too long and not ending too quick just perfect We also get to learn about Todoroki and his past, which is like an extra plus for me.Altogether this volume s ending left me a bittersweet feeling but definitely on edge for wanting There are new questions, new things we learn here and I honestly can t wait for the next volume to be published Quite honestly my favorite volume in the entire series, but I was so disappointed with the condition it was delivered The Final Stages Of The UA High Sports Festival Promise To Be Explosive As Uraraka Takes On Bakugo In A Head To Head Match Bakugo Never Gives Anyone A Break, And The Crowd Holds Its Breath As The Battle Begins The Finals Will Push The Students Of Class A To Their Limits And Beyond For Teen Audiences They look game and came as expected